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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

There’s a shifting trend that’s becoming more noticeable Down Under and all the commotion can be summed up by one word, aero. It’s hard to go past the influx of bolt-on aero additions on the street and track with basics now including wind-tunnel tested wings, splitters, canards and diffusers being fitted on street cars. If this is a taste of what’s to come, we like where it’s heading and this Evo is the perfect example.

Twenty-four year old Henry is the owner of this Evo VIII MR. He’s no stranger in the modified car crowd either, previously owning a modified Honda Civic. The late model FD1 was air-bagged on 19” Work wheels forming part of the infamous Melbourne car crew Agentz.

From all show to track ready his new car is a part of the relatively new ‘Nakama’ group. Those of you who are regular readers and follow our Facbeook page will know all about the latest track team to come out of Melbourne. So why does a twenty-four year old make such a sudden change from form to function? Let’s take a look at his story.

Getting to this point hasn’t been a short road for Henry. Not surprisingly, he first had an Evo in mind when he was just sixteen. “Not to be cheesy or anything, I wanted the car after seeing 2 Fast 2 Furious. At the time I couldn’t really do much as I was only legally able to drive on my Learners licence. Then, by the time I turned eighteen turbo cars were actually banned on a Provisional licence”, explains Henry.

Due to vehicle regulations and restrictions on Provisional licences, by the time he turned eighteen owning an Evo was ruled out so he opted for a Honda Civic. “There was no real point in making it go fast, so it was modified just for looks”, explains Henry. Once the Provisional licence had progressed to a full, at age twenty-one it was time to make the switch. One and a half years of searching resulted in this Grade 5 import Evo VIII MR.

Initially, Henry purchased the car as a daily driver, so the simple aesthetic modifications were the obvious way to go. “Rims were the first obvious choice and a set of Advan RS’ was a no brainer. After that followed the lip and carbon trims, if it was carbon, it was on!”

So then, moving right into aesthetics (Voltex overload!) Cosmetically up front its got a Voltex Cyber Street front bumper along with Voltex Street Canards and Voltex side end plates.

At the rear Henry’s kept things rather simple and opted for an OEM Evo IX rear bumper and Carbon Vortex Generator. The wing is a 1700mm Type 5, you guessed it – Voltex.

After a Beeble ECU reflash and mild engine modifications, the car’s currently producing a modest 260kW ATW on 24psi of boost.

Cusco bracing keeps the car well planted around the track, pictured above is also a Tomei Expreme Ti Catback (Track).

The Advan RS’ that were once on the car was recently swapped out for these 18 x 9.5 Enkei RPF1’s.

Looking back, Henry says he was always hesitant in tracking the car, but quickly realised that practice is key. “I always made excuses for myself, thinking I need this, I need that, but then I realised that no matter what additions you’ve done to the car, getting out there testing and practicing is what will make you go faster on the track”. Henry advises those who are thinking of tracking their car for the first time to just go out there and have fun “The more laps you do, the faster you will get!” exclaims Henry.

In almost three years of ownership, Henry’s Evo has come a fair way. Looking into the future though, Henry wishes to achieve a 1:36 around Winton Raceway on street tyres (Current personal best is a 1:37.76 on hard compound semis) with the stock motor/turbo setup. Very precise figure, all eyes on this Evo the next time it’s out there.

Henry would like to thank Beeble for tuning the car and Tephra for making TephraMOD, along with those who helped him mechanically – RTR and Techsport. Vu from DT Panels for all the body and paint work, EXE Crew for the bi-annual track days and Nakama for being such an awesome crew.


– Henry Luong

– Nakama

– 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR

– Beeble Reflashed ECU 260KW ATW @ 24psi

– Voltex Cyber Street Front Bumper
– Voltex Street Canards
– Voltex Front Bumper Side End Plates
– Voltex Type 5 1700mm Wing
– Custom DIY Splitter
– Evolution IX OEM Rear Bumper
– Evolution IX OEM FQ400 Carbon Vortex Generator

– Bride Gias 2 Low MaX Drivers Seat
– Bride ERGO 2 Passengers Seat
– Resart 1kg Fire Extinguisher & Mount
– Works Bell Boss Kit
– Works Bell Rapfix
– Personal 330mm Steering Wheel
– Alpine IVA-502EV

– Tomei Xpreme Ti Catback (Track)
– Hurricane High Flow Cat
– Deatschwerks DW301 Fuel Pump
– FIC 1050CC Injectors
– ORC599 Twin Plate Clutch
– Grimmspeed 3 Port
– 4” K&N Intake Filter

– Enkei RPF1 18×9.5+22
– Advan AD08R 265/35/18
– BC BR Coilovers
– Cusco Type OS Front Strut Bar with BCS
– Cusco Type OS Rear Strut Bar
– Cusco Rear Sway Bar

– DBA5000 Front Rotors
– DBA4000 Rear Rotors
– Project Mu HC+ Front Pads
– Project Mu HC+ Rear Pads
– Project Mu Braided Brake Lines