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We’re avid Formula 1 fans at If you were born in the 90’s, it was your introduction into the pinnacle motorsport. It was back in 1992 when Formula One Grand Prix from MicroProse on PC was the ultimate simulator. Like us, it probably took over the early childhood of many of our readers, with countless hours spent in front of a computer screen when instead, we all should have been outside kicking a ball around or eating mud.

Fast forward to 1996, the world was blessed with two amazing titles in the same year; Grand Prix 2 and Grand Prix Manager 2 (both from MicroProse). If you truly are a Formula 1 fan, you’d no doubt have heard of these titles or even better, spent days on end playing them!

MicroProse would go onto to release two more Grand Prix titles and eventually ending their affiliation with Formula 1 in 2002 to pursue other titles.

Grand Prix Manager 2 to this day is still one of the best F1 management games ever released, which is unfortunate to say, as it’s nearly been 20 years since it was released.

Just recently whilst browsing our App store, we stumbled across Motorsport Manager; a realistic motor-racing management game for your Android or iOS device.

You start off by creating your own racing team, hire drivers, sign engineers, develop your car and invest in technology. Work with your drivers to find the best car setup during qualifying and use the super slick race engine to formulate the best pit stop strategy to win races. The race engine is presented with stunning tilt-shift visuals and a clean and efficient user interface to help you make those challenging strategy decisions.

Motorsport Manager does not go into the detail that Grand Prix Manager does, but for a mobile game, we don’t expect or necessarily want it to. We’ve invested hours into Motorsport Manager in training young drivers and developing the ultimate car setups for each circuit.

If you’re a bit of a Formula 1 nut, we highly recommend checking out Motorsport Manager. You can click here to purchase on Android and here to purchase on iOS. Verdict: 8/10
+ Great interface and animations
+ Shallow learning curve
Lacking more management depth for die hard F1 fans