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THE-LOWDOWN Feature Car  |  Powered By Michelin  |  Words: Shomit Ghosh

Born On The Track


The Audi R8 has been turning heads since its debut at the Paris Auto Show in 2006. Audi’s first attempt at the supercar segment was an instant success – its iconic design, supreme performance, and everyday practicality meant that this German engineering marvel was here to stay.

This mid-engine exotic car took on the likes of Porsche’s 911 Carrera S as it dared to stretch the limits of what a car in that category was capable of. Among other things, Audi pioneered futuristic designs with the introduction of DRLs on the R8 which only added to its timeless design. 

Ryan, like many across the globe, was mesmerised by the R8 – “it was unlike anything [he] had ever seen from Audi”. His experience with previous cars and builds led him on a journey of meticulous upgrades, resulting in an understated masterpiece.

Envisioning Greatness


Ryan was drawn to the second-generation R8’s elegant design and its ability to remain understated, unlike some of its more ostentatious rivals.

Building on his experience, Ryan was driven to develop a car that was “unique and instantly recognisable”. Drawing inspiration from R8 owners from all over the world, he was able to establish a mental image for his own car – this creative process directed his choices over seven months from start to finish.

The goal has always been to make subtle modifications that bring out the best in his R8.


Owner Spotlight

Beauty And The Beast


With a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 running the show, the R8 is a strong player in the performance and audio categories. Still, Ryan’s R8 is fitted with a custom fabricated, valved exhaust; guaranteed to make anyone grin from ear to ear.

To further accentuate the muscular stance, this R8 has been equipped with H&R height-adjustable springs which lower the car to a heightened, more aggressive aesthetic. Complementing this look are a set of Vorsteiner V-FF103 wheels.

Vorsteiner is also the brand of choice for the complete carbon fibre body kit, accented by Maxton Design canards – a combination that further refines the aesthetic..

To complete the look, Ryan decided to envelop the R8 in Avery Dennison’s Matte White vinyl wrap.



This content has been made possible by Michelin. As one of the world’s most iconic tyre brands, Michelin is dedicated to providing T-LD members with a range of sports and performance tyres that can improve handling and optimise performance.

Owner Notations and Thanks

“There Isn’t A Single Thing I Would Change”


The concoction of upgrades and modifications has given rise to an R8 that is even more eye-catching and awe-inspiring than the original.  Ryan has kept the colour scheme simple, yet bold with the use of black and white tones across the car. The minute design choices, like the canards and the white stripes around the Michelin tyres, raise the look to a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Ryan considers himself lucky – he was able to source his parts without a hitch from the aftermarket vendors in Australia. In fact, his entire build, lasting seven months, was a relatively smooth journey, apart from when his custom exhaust had to be reworked a few times as a result of overheating.

Reflecting on his build, Ryan says that “there isn’t a single thing [he] would change” and this was only made possible because of a very clear vision he had for the car even before he purchased it. Adding to this vision, each and every modification underwent extensive deliberation. When modifying cars, it doesn’t take much to lose sight of your goals, which is why Ryan’s methodical approach should be an inspiration to us all.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Maxton Design Canards
Vorsteiner V-FF103 Wheels
Custom Fabricated Exhaust System
Vorsteiner Aero Body Kit

Down The Road


Although Ryan is more than satisfied with the performance of the R8, introducing forced induction in the mix is certainly on the cards. He is also planning on having the R8 tuned to extract a few more horses out of that monstrous V10.

Overall, Ryan is happy with his R8 but he most definitely is not ruling out the possibility of future modifications because as he, so rightly, says, “you never know when inspiration will strike”.

Execution of a car like this one requires teamwork and for that reason, Ryan would like to thank Ross Genua and his team at Rolling Stock, Jay Keanly from Zadtech Tuning, and Concept Wraps.



Tyre Spotlight

“Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S was the natural choice to wrap around the Vorsteiner Wheels”


Providing an exceptional driving experience and the ultimate level of grip, Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S embodies a tread pattern that was born from the motorsports world and derived from advanced technology.

Performance-wise, whether conditions are wet or dry, the ultra-reactive tread pattern adapts continuously to the road.

Aesthetically, a velvet effect on the outer sidewall creates a variety of black contrast and a deep rim protector provides protection to wheels.

Available in 147 different sizes, this ultra-high performance tyre was designed for sports cars and high-performance cars alike.

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