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Over the past few years, McLaren has been making waves with the successful launch of new models including the P1, 650S and the recent announcement of the 570S. As a company that can be described as focused, confident and inspirational, racing heritage lies within their DNA, which constantly evolves them one step closer to engineering perfection.


Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren demonstrated their drive for perfection by debuting the most powerful, fastest, lightest, track focused yet road legal model in the McLaren Super Series, the 675LT. Fast forward just five months, and here we are at the official Australian unveiling of the McLaren 675LT.


Before we get into the intricate details of the 675LT, lets take a quick tour of McLaren Sydney. Located in the inner Sydney hub of Alexandria, the showroom forms part of Australia’s largest prestige automotive group, Trivett.


One of the first things that demands your attention in the state of the art showroom is this brand new McLaren 650S finished in Mantis Green. Whilst it’s not the colour we would have opted for, details such as the super-lightweight forged wheels and a complete alcantara interior finished with Cadmium Yellow stitching to match the brake calipers add a nice refined touch.


Although relatively new in the Australian market, McLaren was actually founded in 1963 by New Zealand born Bruce McLaren.


The Sydney showroom offers its MP-12C, 570S and 650S customers three tiers of colours; standard, elite and special. When you’re purchasing a car of this calibre, you’ll want to make sure it stands out!


The racing heritage and legacy surrounding McLaren is echoed throughout the Sydney space, the key to success in creating iconic and exhilarating road cars.


As we settled into the atmosphere, conversations were ignited (about modifying a 650S of course), remaining media began to show up and it was almost time for the 675LT covers to come off.


Before unveiling the 675LT, General Sales Manager, Ian Davies (pictured to the left) had a few words about local supply of the $657,000 (AUD) model. “Production has been limited to 500 and only 14 will find their way to Australia and yes, they are all sold!”


Those 14 buyers have a lot to be excited about when deliveries begin in November this year. That’s because the 675LT will get you from 0 – 100 in just 2.9 seconds.


Upon its unveiling, the first thing we noticed is how much presence the 675LT has in the flesh. Although it is based off the 650S, the 675LT has had a third of its parts changed. It’s longer, wider, faster and it demands your full attention.


The 675LT was offered in five ‘By McLaren’ hero specifications, which include four bespoke exterior colours never previously offered. These included Silica White, Delta Red, Napier Green and Chicane Grey which this example is. Based on your colour selection, McLaren offers clients ‘recommendations’ on brake caliper colours as well as interior.


The further you examine the 675LT the more you realise how purposeful every vent, blade and curve has been designed to either improve aerodynamics and downforce or achieve maximum cooling.


The front of the 675LT sits 30mm lower than the 650S and has improved downforce by forty percent. New aero blades improve air flow and help cool off the huge 394mm carbon ceramic brakes.


The interior is raw yet somehow refined, focusing on the driver whilst removing any clutter. Embossed leather with contrast stitching is upholstered on the fixed-back carbon-shelled racing seats, with the rest of the cabin finished in alcantara. Surprisingly, air-conditioning is optional but comes in at no additional cost.


This particular 675LT was equipped with the ‘Club Sport Professional Pack’, which includes more track-orientated styling elements to give it an even more aggressive and purposeful look.


The colour combination of Chicane Grey works in harmony with the orange highlights on the interior of this 675LT and its brake calipers.


Being a track focused yet road legal model, we’re told that Australian owners will be given the opportunity to test out their new car on the track.


The 675LT has resurrected the McLaren ‘Longtail‘ heritage, specifically from the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ of 1997 which was used in the FIA GT Championship for purposeful endurance racing.


During that time in 1997, McLaren developed innovative bodywork to maximise aerodynamics and downforce whilst reducing weight. This has been echoed throughout the 675LT with the extended rear carbon flares used to allow more air into the radiators. Meanwhile, the carbon fibre side blades are extend to meet the rear wheel.


The newly designed ‘Ultra Lightweight’ 10-spoke forged alloy wheels are fitted standard and are actually 800g’s lighter than those equipped on the McLaren P1. The wheels are 19 x 8.5 at the front and 20 x 11 at the rear.


The 3.8 litre V8 has had more than 50% of its parts changed to increase power to a devilish 666hp (497kW). ‘Ignition Cut’ technology adopted from Formula 1 has been used in the SSG transmission capable of three modes. The exhaust system is completely titanium with a unqiue engine note both in and outside of the cabin.


It’s an exciting time for McLaren as they use their heritage to catapult the brand further with releases such as the 675LT. This one ticks all the right boxes with our approval for a modern day supercar.