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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Few cars on the road compare to a modified R35 GT-R. Seeing one in the metal is like spotting a rare animal on safari. With the right modifications they have an imposing, dramatic presence that perfectly represents the fierce potential underneath. Our jaws dropped when we saw Leng’s matte black GT-R outside Garage 88. You need guts to take to a new car with any kind of aftermarket bits, especially something as coveted as an R35, needless to say we had to know more.

Leng is a New South Wales native, and remarkably he had never laid eyes on his R35 before signing over the cheque. A Nissan dealer in WA, on the other side of the country, had it advertised online and Leng snapped it up sight unseen. He had only been on the hunt for about a week before pulling the trigger on this one.

It arrived looking flawless, the three-year-old matte black vinyl wrap holding up perfectly. Underneath, Leng’s 2011 model is actually Gunmetal Grey, but he loves the current look. Custom number plates were ordered before the car arrived, as were the beautiful ADV.1 wheels.

The ADV10DCs measure 21×10.5 at the front and a whopping 21×12.5 at the rear. “I am going for matte black and orange highlights look, hence why the ADV.1 logos and number plate are orange.” The ’35s calipers were done just in time for the wheels to arrive from the US.

Willall Racing provided one of their renown titanium exhausts, weight was reduced by an incredible 20kg thanks to the exhaust system alone. Willall are an Australian company based in South Australia. Their GT-R specific parts are world-class and found in elite GT-Rs across the globe.

Externally the car is almost where Leng would like it, save for a few select wet carbon pieces he has his eye on. Plans are for a Zele front grille and side skirts topped off by a Wald-style rear diffuser. After a quick tune at CRD the VR38 is pushing a tough 356kW at the wheels. Leng says he’s now saving for more mods!

Leng said, “I was looking at getting the C63 or RS5, but having driven both I bought the GT-R without even test driving one beforehand. The R35’s powerband is very linear but it’s faster and handling is out of this world. It’s very easy to drive. I haven’t regretted the decision at all.”

Vehicle Supplied by Garage 88 Australia

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