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Sunday’s don’t come much better than this. Breakfast on the BBQ surrounded by like-minded folks all waiting to put their machines through their paces on the rollers. This was the scene last weekend on a picture perfect morning in the beachside suburb of Dee Why.

Organised by a member of the EuroCCA forums, this dyno day was setup mainly for the BMW guys to get power figures for their cars. To flesh out the numbers the invite was spread to a few cars on the JDMST forums which gave for a nice mix on the day. Top power figures went to an insane turbocharged E36 BMW M3 and a well built R34 Nissan Skyline with a hybrid RB26/30 motor (RB26 head with 3.0L bottom end) and huge single turbo.

Workshop owner Rob spoiled the crowd by opening up his custom built E30 racecar on the dyno. It’s individual throttle bodies and near on straight through exhaust gave out an incredible noise, and it netted an impressive power figure to back up the sound. Below are a few photos from the event.

Find the full set on our flickr.