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Strikingly bold is an understatement for most cars that come out of renowned Japanese tuning House Liberty Walk. There are only twenty examples of this in the world, yet somehow the ‘LB-R Limited Works’ Murciélago has taken the online world by storm and won it over with each creation produced.

Mr. Wataru Kato (Keto San) is the man behind Liberty Walk, which is located in Nagoya, Tokyo. You’ve probably seen examples of his work floating around all sorts of social media and we showed you his Ferrari F40 earlier this year. Now we’ve got an exclusive look at LB-R number eleven of twenty.

When Keto San’s first example made a debut at SEMA 2012, skeptics were quick to criticise why someone would cut up the guards of an exotic and slap on unmoulded guards that looks rugged and almost unfinished. The bold move has no doubt paid off for Keto San though with all twenty examples sold out and new kits being produced for even more exotics, such as the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Aventador.

So exactly what makes the LB-R Limited Works, limited? Production of the Limited Works front bumper and over fenders were exclusive to only twenty sets. The remainder of the kit on this example consists of a version two front lip, side skirts, rear bumper and rear wing.

Colour choice is also an integral part in showing off the widebody and the two tone lime green and black colour theme works well on this example. A set of iForged Fusion wheels grace the oversized fenders, wrapped in Toyo Proxes.

As mentioned earlier, our feature car is number eleven of twenty. America and of course Japan are home to most examples produced, with one residing Australia.

To match the aggressive body is an even wider rear wing, there’s actually three variants of Liberty Walk rear wings available for the Murciélago. The one pictured here is version two, though the less striking version three gets our pick of the batch.

Liberty Walk designs are inspired by Keto San’s youth, back when he owned a Skyline with rivet on wide fenders. “What would happen if we built a kaizo-sha (modified) style car, like my younger days, but with a current super car?”, says Keto San. “Liberty Walk means to not be afraid to cut up a Ferrari.”

Here’s a better shot showing the version two rear wing. Standard Murciélago’s are already quite wide, so you could imagine the presence one of these would have in the back-streets of Tokyo or anywhere in the world that the twenty kits have been shipped to.

There’s no doubt that Liberty Walk has created a game-changer here, even though it goes against many of the exotic purists. If you can’t get enough of the LB-R Limited Work Murciélago’s then keep your browsers locked onto T-LD. The final kit to ever be produced is right here in our hometown Sydney, and we’ve got the exclusive feature on the way.

Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: Andrew Link.