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0 was fortunate enough to have attended SEMA last year, the world’s largest automotive trade event with over 60,000 attendees and nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.

Landing in LA, we decided to instead drive to Vegas rather than flying as our good friends from Garage 88 were also in town for SEMA. The morning of our journey, we stopped for some greasy breakfast first; chicken and waffles. This great choice of meal partnered with our next stop at Six Flags was something we all quickly regretted. By the time we were done riding roller coasters the sun had already set and we still had four hours to get to Vegas.

Slowly dozing off to the scene of nothing but blackness we heard a roar in the distance, as it got louder, we knew we were being approached by something special; a baby blue Lamborghini Aventador with a set of black HRE wheels. The driver treated us to some fly by’s before giving a final blat and speeding off ahead – we knew where he was heading.

Sure enough, that very same Aventador was on display outside SEMA, but upon entering the Las Vegas Exhibition Centre, we spotted one better; the shark blue Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador.

Kato-san’s latest creation will divide many and to be honest, he doesn’t care. Speedhunters captured it perfectly; ‘It’s his middle finger to the world of motoring’ and that it is.

Both the front and rear quarters were required to be cut to fit the custom spec of Forgiato Maglia ECL’s (20×9 -7 up front and 21×13 -20 on the rear). The Liberty Walk over fenders make the already fat Aventador an extra 30mm wider up-front and a whopping 70mm on the rear (that’s per over fender!)

To achieve the slammed look, unfortunately the stock Öhlins needed to go and were replaced with AirRex air suspension. This gives the Liberty Walk Aventador the best of both worlds, drivability and aggressive stance (another ‘middle finger’ to the motoring world.)

But the Liberty Walk Kit is not for those that cringe and shudder at the sight of it, but for those that want something truly unique and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd that might opt for a set of wheels instead, in a sense, your own middle finger to the world.


POWER: 735.2hp
ENGINE: Lamborghini 6.5L V12, Arymtrix titanium quad-exit exhaust system
SUSPENSION: AirRex air suspension
WHEELS / TYRES: Forgiato Maglia ECL 20×9-inch -7 front, 21×13-inch -20 rear, Pirelli P-Zero 255/30ZR20 front, 355/25ZR21
BODYKIT: LBW complete aero kit comprising of, front lip spoiler, front two-piece overfenders (+30mm), side skirts, rear two-piece overfenders (+70mm), rear GT wing, rear diffuser, custom metallic blue paint