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Lexus Australia, in collaboration with M&C Saatchi has created a car that uses electroluminescent paint to interpret the driver’s heartbeat.

Using the new RCF to demonstrate the new paint, three professional drivers were connected to the RCF’s 5.0L V8 engine.

Through the use of a heartbeat monitor and sensors, electrical pulses from the driver’s heart are sent to the circuit board of the car.

The system then uses a unique biometric paint job which receives signals from the cars circuit board. It then displays information such as pulsating effects on the side panels of the car.

“Mapping man with machine provides an interesting investigation of control”, says Ben Cooper, group innovation director of M&C Saatchi Australia. “We think the data might show a different view of who’s really driving.”

This is of course a one-off concept for now. Lexus currently has no plans to introduce this as a feature to its cars, considering how much of a distraction it would be on the street.

The ‘Heart Racing Project’ will come to life on Friday, July 24th. We’ll keep you posted with updates via our Instagram page.