– Article by Jason Hanif. Photography by MJ Digital.

Recently, THE-LOWDOWN.com were invited to get exclusively hands on with Australia’s first ‘Sharpie’. Whilst this trend has been quite big internationally, we’re yet to see it hit our shores here in the land down under.

The car has been built by Hookitup.co, a group known for constantly embracing new trends and pushing the envelope with them in Australia. After months at the drawing board the IS200’s panels were prepped and coated in House Of Kolor ‘Galaxy Grey’. As well as that the car now rolls on wide BuddyClub P1’s all ’round, sprayed in their signature hue of blue.

Below we have progress photos of the build. We’ve been asked not to show exactly how it was executed at the moment, but judgement has to be reserved until you see this car in the metal. As for us, we give the Hookitup.co crew big props for trying it out here. Given time we may just see this in the mainstream on more of our local cars.


  1. that is awesome, love the car and as always these guys are constantly pushing the boundaries, can’t wait to see this mainstream and what’s coming next…

  2. Damn nice… that must have taken some time for the artwork.. especially the pinstripe.. luv it

  3. Build was performed by us at Hookitup.Co … it has buddy club p1’s on it sergio and yes, the inside of the wheels are sharpied … shoot coming soon !