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Lexus is hovering into new territory with its ‘Amazing in Motion’ project. After posting multiple teasers over the past month, the company has officially confirmed that its game changing hoverboard will be unveiled on August 5.

The hoverboard has been in development for the past eighteen months, and has been described as being a frictionless ride. “It’s never been done before, there’s no friction underneath you at all and this actually is floating on air”, says Lexus ‘hoverboarder’ Ross McGouran.

Magnetic levitation is the main piece of technology responsible for the frictionless movement and liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors have been combined with permanent magnets to create the floating project.

Being a Lexus, the hoverboard features the iconic Lexus spindle grille signature shape, using materials found in the luxury car brand such as natural bamboo.

Lexus’ upcoming special launch event will provide more insights behind the project, and we’ll have updates on T-LD when that happens.

The question in the meantime is, what’s Lexus’ end game? Is it only a matter of time before hover cars become a reality? Only time will tell.