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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Jan Glovac Photography

We make no bones about our love for the R34 GT-R here at T-LD. It’s a teenage obsession that has stayed with all of us. We’ve seen so many modified examples over the years but this one right here has been a favourite of ours for a long time, and definitely one of the most posted cars on our Facebook page. Formerly known simply as ‘KSR’, this immaculate Skyline is Kristopher’s pride and joy. We’ve always called it one of Australia’s best, and now we’ve finally got the photos to prove it.

Standard R34 GT-Rs are almost the perfect package. Good looking with great performance to boot, they just need a handful of personal touches to make the already menacing exterior look even tougher. It doesn’t take much, so just a few careful upgrades were chosen for this one, and the results are perfect.

Bodyform Motorsports in Sydney took this Skyline under their wing. Known for impeccable attention to detail, the end product is finished to the highest level. Panels are arrow-straight, gaps are millimetre perfect; it’s a rolling artwork.

Full Z-Tune aero was added, including front guards, bumper, bonnet, side skirts, rear pods, diffuser and wing uprights. Flares over the rear wheel arches were blended in for a more seamless look. It sounds like a lot on paper, but put together it’s a refined, complete looking car.

We all know how critical the right wheels are to any car, and I don’t think I’ve seen Volk GT-Vs look better on anything else, anywhere, ever. 19s fill the guards perfectly, with acres of polished lip at each corner. Performance upgrades on the RB26 are simple bolt-ons at the moment, like a turbo back exhaust, intake and a few other tricks with plenty more to come.

The retrimmed seats and door cards in contrasting red leather set of the interior. White face dials, Nismo mats and gear shifter the only other changes. You can just spot the Nismo carbon b-pillar trims in the far left of this photo.

Big Brembo brakes have been cleaned up to bring out the colour.  The subdued palette for this car works wonders! Slotted floating rotors fill out the space behind the GT-V’s spokes.

Now living thousands of kilometres away on Australia’s west coast, Kris has been getting out to a bunch of meets and events. It’s a proper street car with incredible impact on the road. Anyone in Perth reading this – keep an eye out, you can’t miss it.