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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

Rarely does 400kW (540hp) look this understated. Finding the correct blend between a quick and capable car that does not attract too much attention from the authorities can be a difficult task. Even more challenging, is building a car to the point where a line must be drawn to keep it street-registered and avoiding dedicating it to track duties. Our friend, Michael Koval, knows this all too well and created the ideal daily driver, with one thing in mind, “I set out to achieve a ten second daily driven street car.”

Six years ago this Evo was more or less standard. A fun drive, but not enough to satisfy Michael. He started out by adding an eBoost unit to control air pressure levels, an aftermarket exhaust and Apex’i PowerFC ECU.

Michael set out to always keep the car daily driven, but to make it capable of 10-second passes down the quarter mile. Few street cars can genuinely make this claim to fame.

Throughout the build process, Michael wanted to ensure that the car didn’t stand out to the law at all.  To keep in line with this the car has been kept relatively stock exterior wise. Nissan GT-R wheels are about the only difference you’ll spot to the exterior, yet even they’re an OEM part (albeit from a different manufacturer).

Midway through Michael’s build hit a standstill at the 2011 V&E Rigoli Dyno Day. “Vince from V&E Rigoli and I knew the motor was at its limits, although on the day I still instructed Vince to just put in an extra psi or two for the power run. Next thing we knew, the rod bolt snapped!”

Funnily enough, Michael was already intending to leave the car at Rigoli’s after the dyno day anyway, he just added a few extra bucks to the bill for a Manely 2.3L stroker kit and billet crank.

Under the hood there are very few details giving away the potency of this 4G63 stroker. That’s all part of its appeal to our eyes.

“I have built a car that doesn’t stand out to law enforcement, but it is very fast at the same time,” says Michael. That’s a bit of an understatement, we think.

The stout Evo exterior looks purposeful just the way Mitsubishi made it, but a set of BC Racing coilovers bring the body down just enough over the 18×9 +30 GT-R wheels.

Inside, Michael is currently getting around on Tommi Makinen seats from an Evo 6.5, a desirable upgrade for any Evo.

Those who have followed this build elsewhere may have seen the Tillett carbon seats which once made up part of Michael’s interior. Whilst they were extremely light (3kg each) and great for support, they weren’t the most versatile choice.

We absolutely love the cleanliness and simplicity of this car. A proven performer that will never come undone with a few scrutinising looks.

Now finished off, Michael’s engine bay shows his minimalistic approach in all its glory. Even the factory heatshield has been retained. So few cars with this power have the ability to get away with it. This is the future of hi-po street cars in Australia, and we’re all for it. Go before show is the name of the game.

Current plans for Michael are to enjoy the car as it stands and attend as many motorsport events as possible. Although now that he has achieved his goal, he’s tempted to push the bar further. “One day, I might just go all serious and strip it, put slicks and throw it on the gas to see how it goes!”

Michael would like to take the opportunity to thank his wife Thuy Koval and Vince Rigoli for their help, support and patience with the car.


VEHICLE: Mitsubishi Evo VI

OWNER: Michael Koval


– Rigoli built billet 2.3 1000hp+ Manley stroker kit
– EMS 4860 + hand controller
– Greddy intercooler core
– Plazmaman intercooler pipes
– GT pumps 76hta turbo
– M&W C.O.P ignition
– GFB response bov
– Turbosmart E-boost2
– Custom 4inch intake
– Camtech 272 cams
– Ti springs and retainers
– Custom bigger breathers on valve cover
– Id 2000 injectors
– Custom rigoli exhaust system
– Turbosmart billet actuator
– Balance shaft delete
– Evo 7 Golpher alloy radiator + greddy 1.3bar cap
– Topstage carbon fibre airbox
– Walbro 255 intank pump
– External aeroflow 044 pump


– PAR straight cut gears with custom ratios
– RS rear end conversion
– KAAZ front lsd
– ORC twin plate clutch


– Whiteline front and rear swaybars
– Ultra Racing 4point under body brace
– Ultra Racing 4 point boot brace
– BC coilovers
– Ralliart front and rear bushes


– Nissan R34 GT-R wheels
-Elig track pads


– 402kw atw @ 34psi
– 10.4@140mph on street tyres