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The Regera was created as a luxury Megacar (as they call it), alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditionally raw and extreme light-weight race-like road cars. With a limited production of only 80, these handcrafted Regera’s will be put together in Koenigsegg’s newly upgraded and refurbished facility.

So what are these luxuries that Koenigsegg speaks of? Well the interior features; added insulation, 8 way electrically adjustable memory foam seats. A Koenigsegg 9” infotainment system, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, front, inner and rear camera system with recording capability, Apple CarPlay, supreme sound system, ambient lighting and many other great new features. The Regera also comes with front and rear parking sensors and remote diagnostic and firmware update capability, perfect for the wife to do the groceries in!

The heart and soul of every Koenigsegg is its Internal Combustion Engine, otherwise known as ICE. The ICE of the Regera follows the path of its siblings, based on the proven and extremely reliable Koenigsegg drysumped twin turbo, DOHC, 5.0 litre V8. Using regular pump fuel, each cylinder produces 220 HP per engine litre. Given the electric propulsion of the Direct Drive system, the combined output is now way over 1500 HP and 200 Nm torque.

The Direct Drive transmission of the Regera is capable of delivering blistering response and performance whilst delivering one of the smoothest and most soothing driving experiences.

The patent pending KDD system replaces the combustion engines traditional transmission and gives the added benefit of pure EV mode (EV refers to a mode of vehicle operation that is dependent on energy from the battery pack.). What is unique is that the KDD manages to create direct drive to rear axle from the combustion engine without the need of multitude gears or other traditional types of variable transmissions, with inherently high energy losses.

The combination of electrical and combustion power is just mind boggling. When you get up to speed, the system really comes into play, how about 3.2 seconds between 150 to 250 km/h and under 20 seconds from 0 to 400 hm/h? Furthermore, the Regera can be driven in absolute silence, as it is possible to go into full EV mode for shorter periods of time.

Koenigsegg developed a completely new rear sub frame and rear structure that allows the engine and transmission to rest on active soft mounts. When driving in normal conditions the mounts stay soft and isolate engine noise and vibrations. When driving spirited, the mounts firm up to solidify the car and give greater response. The shock absorbers are active in height and stiffness – again allowing for the bi-polar behaviour.

Given the latest advances in compact lightweight hydraulics, Koenigsegg has managed to robotise the entire Regera with almost no weight addition. As the Regera features functions such as; active front and rear wings, chassis control and lifting system – the pumps and accumulators were already in place to connect a few more hydraulic operators. These in turn replaced gas struts of equal weight, resulting in minimal weight impact.

Due to the above, the Regera is the first car in the world that operates all body closures completely automatically. The spectacle to open and close the entire car simultaneously from the remote or smartphone, truly turns the Regera into a transformer.

With the launch of the Regera, Koenigsegg are now clearly the leading automotive manufacturer for innovation. We can’t wait to see the Koenigsegg Regera in action.


Foldable active rear wing (top mounted)
Active independent front flaps
Active ride height front and rear
Active damping
Total down force at 250 km/h 450Kg

Carbon fiber with aluminum honeycomb,
with centrally integrated fuel tank and
battery storage
Monocoque torsional rigidity: 65,000 Nm/
Weight including tanks: 75 kg
Electronically adjustable ride height, fully independent per wheel
Fully machined aircraft aluminium uprights, with SKF LeMans specification
150mm angle contact ball bearings
GKN hollow/gun-drilled drive shafts,
Koenigsegg Z-style progressive and lightweight anti-roll bars front and rear

Front: – Ventilated ceramic discs Ø397 mm, 40 mm wide 6-piston
Rear: – Ventilated ceramic discs Ø380 mm, 34 mm wide 4-piston
Koenigsegg calipers with ceramic pistons
Koenigsegg calipers

Koenigsegg 2nd generation Aircore™ Superlight carbon fiber wheels with centre locking
Front: 19” x 9.75”
Rear: 20” x 12.5”
Dedicated Michelin Supersport
Unidirectional with asymmetric thread pattern
Front: 275/35 – 19” (Y)
Rear: 345/30 – 20” (Y)
Optional dedicated Michelin Cup2 tires

Koenigsegg twin turbo aluminum 5,0L V8, 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
Compression: 9.3:1
Bore: 92 mm Stroke: 95.25 mm
Twin ceramic ball bearing turbo chargers with Koenigsegg patented backpressure reduction system, 1.4 bar boost pressure
Active hydraulic engine mounts
Dry sump lubrication
Carbon fibre intake manifold with optimi-zed intake tracts
Total engine weight: 189 kg
Power output: 820kW (1100Hp) at 7800 rpm – redline at 8250 rpm
Torque: 1000 Nm from 2700 to 6170 rpm
Max torque: 1280 Nm at 4100 rpm

One 300Nm/160kW Crank mounted motor
Two 260Nm/180kW Driveshaft mounted motors (one per rear wheel)
Combined continuous electric propulsion 820Nm and 520kW