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We all know Ken Block isn’t a shy kind of guy, you only need to search his name into Youtube to find some of the most entertaining automotive videos on the internet. We’re talking about none other than his ‘Gymkhana’ videos.

So it wasn’t a surprise to us when Ken Block revealed his 2015 Hoonigan Racing Division livery for his Ford Fiesta ST with a radical intergalactic livery.

Gone are the 8-bit zebra patterns on last seasons car and replaced with a cosmic oasis full of stars. “I really wanted to do something different this season,” said Block. “I suppose I try and do that every year, but I wanted to get really far outside of the box and I’m pretty sure putting outer space on my race car is about as far as I can get! I love how this turned out however, I think that it’s going to pop really well both on track during rallycross events and in the woods during rally events like Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.

Punching 650bhp and reaching 100km/h from a standing start in just 1.8 seconds, this isn’t the same sort of Fiesta your girlfriend drives.

Now, lets enjoy Mr.Blocks last Gymkhana video in the Fiesta!