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– Words: Mitchell Kane & Adam Bruce. Photos: MJ Digital.

The Mazda MX-5 is an iconic Japanese sports car which revolutionised the way we think and modify cars. There’s a reason why it is the best selling two seat roadster in the world, and after previously owning one personally, it’s not hard to understand why. The car is truly amazing, and oozes charisma, it’s hard to put your finger on what actually makes the car just so good, it’s just so raw and purposeful. As soon as you hop into the drivers seat of a MX-5 everything falls into place, and you immediately understand what it is about these cars that makes them so special.


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Over the last couple of years, the MX-5 has become quite popular throughout the Australian car scene. With several modifying influences from around the globe,  there are so many different avenues you can take when modifying the MX-5, they can be transformed into a slammed cruiser to a GT Wing wearing time attack weapon.


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Kelly’s MX-5 brings the flavour of the thriving U.S slammed scene that we’ve seen show its influences here in Australia.The standout feature of Kelly’s car is a rare set of Australian made, Simmons v4 2-piece wheels, these wheels are no longer in production and are hard to come by. It’s easy to see Kelly has drawn inspiration from the U.S car scene, but its great to see him mixing it up with some home-grown wheels.


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When modifying his MX-5 Kelly has kept it clean and simple, exterior mods have a zest of subtlety and the OEM Hardtop in combination with the Garage Vary front lip and KG Works Ducktail deem the perfect finishing touches.

Recently, we caught up with Kelly to ask him a few questions about his experiences, inspirations and history with his MX-5.

So Kelly how did you get into modifying cars and what’s your history been like with them?

I wasn’t always too interested in cars like most other guys are, but after getting my licence and driving to and from school everyday, my interest in cars started to grow.

The first car I owned was an DC2 Integra Type R, it was a bit rice-spec; like most other hondas. =P But hey, we all go through that stage, right?

After an unfortunate incident with that car, I needed to find something new. I was tossing up between an Sw20 MR2 and a MX-5; sometimes I still wonder if I made the right decision, but I do love my car.

You said you owned a DC2R before the MX5, how does it compare to the MX5 overall?

The DC2R had more power and was probably just as quick around corners, but the MX-5 is definitely way more fun and a bit scary in the wet with worn out semi’s. =P

Because they’re such small and low to the ground cars, it almost feels like you’re driving in your own world; when you look out the windows all you see are the doors and wheels of other cars.

Sounds quite intimidating! Did you draw from any inspirations when modifying your car?

Most of my inspiration came from the ‘Slammed’ Miata scene over in the states, where low is everything and everything is low. Obviously my car doesn’t match-up to theirs in that department, they’re insane over there.

I also wanted a clean, minimalistic ‘less is more’ look to the car. There’s really not much happening on the car, but I like the subtle simplistic look of it. And the KG works spoiler added a quirky unexpected finish to it.

Well we love the less is more approach you’ve taken here. Despite what you think, your car is pretty low, how do you manage getting around Sydney streets?

Oh, Sydney roads are a real pain. It’s all about knowing which roads are no-go, which ones are ok; driving off to the left or the right of the lanes so you don’t scrape and bang frame on the curvature of the roads, and apart from that you just gotta hope for the best. Not b*tching about the horrible quality of the roads or anything.

So, you’ve hinted that you have some major changes in store for the car in the near future. Can you give us any hints as what’s to come?

Not too sure myself, just going make it up as I go. ‘less is more’ might just become ‘more is more’, but still with a minimalistic approach in mind; if that makes sense.


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Specifications List:


– Garage Vary Front Lip

– Simmons V4 Wheels

– Matching Hardtop


– Mania Cold Air Intake

– Exedy HD Clutch

– Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel

– Auto-Exe Exhaust

– BC Coilovers

– Whiteline Adjustable Sway bars Front/Rear


– Voodoo Polished Gear Knob

– Brushed Aluminum Vent Rings

– Brown Davis Roll Bar