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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Describing a modified car as ‘purpose built’ has several connotations. For the most part the term is used to describe a vehicle which has been crafted to do one thing only, and to do that one thing extremely well. That’s fine, but kind of gives the feeling that the car is pigeon holed, and that some appeal has been lost because of it’s now limited abilities. In the case of this S14, none of that matters. Yes it’s purpose built, and yes it really only does one thing, but it serves it’s purpose better than all others, and that purpose is to entertain.

Over the last half a decade, owner Justin and his partner Karina have been modifying this 200SX into what you see below. Purchased as a completely standard car, it is now a far cry from those humble beginnings. A big part of the S14’s entertainment value comes from the hours spent trawling websites and online auctions for potential upgrades. Once those bits turn up at the doorstep, the fun continues under the car with a bag of tools and some elbow grease. The full spec list is located below, but you can tell just by looking that no element of the cars dynamics has been left untouched. While the car does retain street registration, it does not see a lot of time on public roads (because most authorities strongly deter it) preferring to stretch it’s legs on the track at full sideways tilt.

Justin’s talent for drifting needs to be seen to be appreciated as the S14’s body truly becomes an extension of his own. His movements in the cabin are swift and precise – trademarks of someone who knows their car back to front. Having spent a full session of drift at Wakefield Park riding shotgun in this car, I can vouch first hand for it’s performance. Despite receiving more abuse than Ike gave Tina, the Nissan continued to power on throughout the day without ever showing signs of weariness. The strength of the build is outstanding, and with it’s recent gearbox upgrade to a Z32 5-speed, it will continue to slaughter.

We’re proud to bring these photos to the pages of, and encourage you to one day witness the car and it’s driver performing first hand.

Find the full set on our flickr.

– Tomei Pon-cams
– Tomei rocker arm stoppers
– Nismo 740cc injectors
– Nismo FPR
– Nismo engine mounts
– Greddy coolant swirl pot
– Greddy oil cooler/relocater kit
– Greddy catch can
– Alloy radiator
– Cusco air diversion plate
– Power steering oil cooler
– Z32 AFM
– Apex’i pod filter
– Custom exhaust
– CatCo hi-flow cataylitic convertor
– Bride interior re-trim
– Bride Brix front seats
– Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel
– Greddy shift knob
– Z32 gearbox
– Defi CR gauges x5
– Bond Roll Bars 1/2 cage
– RPM harness
– Profect B-Spec 2 boost controller
– Pivot shift light
– JDM cluster
– Apex’iPower FC
– PSM hydraulic handbrake
– Nismo in-tank fuel pump
– 2.5L surge tank
– Bosch 044 external
– Vertex fiberglass bonnet
– URAS type 4 bodykit
– Origin 25mm front guards
– Origin 50mm rear guards
– Sniper racing carbon fibre boot
– Origin carbon fibre roof wing
– Ganador mirrors
– JDM front grille
– Work VS-XX 18×9.5 -10 Front / 18×11 -12 Rear
– Cusco front and rear strut braces
– BC coilovers F-10 R-8
– Silk Road fender braces
– Cusco front castor arms
– Cusco rear toe & camber arms
– KAAZ 2way
– R33 GTR front brakes
– Z32 brake master cylinder
– Braided brake lines
– Project Mu pads
– Driftshop front castor arm brace
– RYO knuckles
– Ikeya Formula tie rods & spacers
– Nolathane bushes
– Alloy rear crossmember bushes