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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

If there’s one Honda-focused event to get excited about each year, this is it. JDMYard has been the main source of parts for modified Hondas in Australia for ten years now, and at the end of each year they hold an annual meet to celebrate the year that was. This time ’round it it was a huge occasion, their 10th anniversary, so celebrations were amped up into a ‘Honda Showoff’.

Zi and Yonas started their joint business venture a decade ago, beginning in their apartment as a hobby, eventually expanding into a small showroom and warehouse before moving again to what you see now; a large workshop, showroom and warehouse with a lot to show for their ten years in the industry.

There has been countless changes to the business in that time, and a number of key cars that have emerged. There was ‘EGK20A’, which Yonas refers to as version 1.0 of the now ‘EGK24A’. Jing’s DC5 which is now owned by JDMYard, and we now have this right here:

Their latest K20A project DC2R, which made its debut at the Honda Showoff and will soon be track-day weapon. It’s currently sitting on aggressive TE37s (16×8 +15). We’ll look at all three JDMYard Hondas in a bit more detail further down, but for now let’s take a look at the other cars that made an appearance.

First is one of the few non-Hondas that turned up – Joseph’s Evo IX looking fresh with bold orange Work Meisters. This isn’t the best angle to show the wheels, but we reckon his choice paid off.

Likewise, Justin Fox’s Evo IX was tucked away near the Zen Garage stand, can’t go wrong with classic black and white.

This EF Civic (which is undoubtedly a 1989 model) instantly got our attention. Check out the immaculate condition of the body and paint!

Honda’s are the Power of Dreams after all right? Only fitting for these guys to live up to their dreams, even just for the day.

Built To Order have had a killer year pushing wheels out to the Australian market. It’s always great to see owner of the business, Tarik, out with his K20A project EG.

This here is one of their latest cars, which belongs to Kevin Smith. AG Forged wheels finished in turquoise blue. This must be Australia’s year for contrasting colours!

We’ve lost track of who now owns this EK, but it’s still looking as fine as the first time we laid eyes on it. EK9 replica with TEs, the perfect choice when the real deal is not an option out here.

Another incredibly clean looking EK, there was no shortage of them on the day.

This is actually the first event to be held at the new JDMYard complex, almost everyone had to brace the obstacles throughout the complex.

Killer paint on this EG Civic which we first saw out at the All Stars Picnic, it’s got Spoon brakes too.

Luke’s S2000 looking quite different from its appearance at Showcased earlier in the year. Best P-Plater summer car right here. The plates say it all.

Fung’s supercharged S2000 took out ‘Best of Show’ award for the day.

When we finally got a chance to take a peek under the bonnet it was easy to see why.

Our very own MkV GTI made an attempt at assimilating into the crowd.

Breakout for presence of the year belongs to All Stars, so it was fitting to see both Sergio and Claudio out and about on the day. Their S15 is now sporting a set of AME TM-02s, the first major step in its transition under Sergio’s ownership.

Some of our readers may be familiar with the slammed S15 in this link. Van also owns this CL9 Accord Euro, ideal for carting the crew to JDMYard!.

Justin Fox (JDMST) and Yonas Liu have a history going back as far back as JDMYard itself. Both have pushed their respective projects in leaps and bounds over the decade. We reckon they’re discussing the next step for ‘EGK24A’ here!

The crew from House of Stance have put together great new cars this year, and the 2008 WRX above is the latest to join the line up, executed to their on point standards. We’re told that owner Jeffrey had fitted the wheels one day prior to this event.

We’ve shared Ryan’s AE86 many times on the blog before, but we’re positive you’ll agree that it’s worth seeing again every time it’s out and about, such an immaculate example.

Although predominant in the USDM market, the EM1 never took off quite as well here in Australia, so it’s welcoming to see such a clean, well-executed example.

BBS RS wheels are a classic addition to any car, but it really works on this EM1, one of our favorites of the day.

Our mate Tony is letting go of his beloved EK soon, he’s been rolling static at a this height for just over a year now. One of the craziest cars to see on the street surrounded by your standard, everyday commuters.

It’s rare to see non Type-R DC2s as immaculate as this one here. JDMYard’s supply of Enkei 92s has proved to be a hit!

The definition of ‘less is more’, the relatively new CR-01 Work Meister design sets this EK apart from the rest, clean setup on a well aged car. It’s no surprise then that it won the ‘best effort’ award.

Being a JDMYard event, there were heaps of prizes up for grabs on the day.

Our mate Herman has seen a lot in the Australian scene over the years, having written for AutoSalon Magazine and worked alongside these guys for a long time. But he still loves the Hondas!

Plenty of awards were up for grabs on the day.

Yonas’ ‘EGK24A’ EG project is well known here and overseas, so we’re quite lucky to get an up close inspection of it. The front bar and fenders were recently re-fitted and aligned by Bodyform.

The great thing about this demo car is that Yonas and Zi were able to pick top shelf products from their world-class suppliers and demonstrate what is possible through JDMYard.

We’re told that the Mugen DC5 will see track time next year, so we’ll spend time out on the track with it and have a feature up as soon as possible. There’s no doubt great plans in the works for the K20A DC2R below.

Check out the clearance of the Stoptech brakes, Yonas tells us it’s a mere 2mm.

Snipered here again is Justin Fox. His hard work as a co-founder at Zen Garage has really paid off this year, with great announcements already on the horizon for early twenty-thirteen.

Until then, the new Zen summer range is now available. We’re massive fans of this ‘Zen Graff Black’ tee.

Being a ten year anniversary meant bringing together those who have supported and assisted JDMYard from their beginnings. Both familiar and new faces joined the celebration.

It’s been in hibernation for about a year, but Alfonso’s TA22 Celica made an appearance on the day.

It may not be a Honda, but it’s got the look.

Fonzy has toned the styling down a little from the more extreme appearance it became known for, but we love it all the same.

Another car representing House of Stance is Ray’s A3. We’ve been following this for quite some time now, watching as Ray built his own air setup and fitted the Porsche brakes he’s rocking. He’s a die hard wheel whore; these Work Equip Voggard wheels being just one set in an extensive collection.

We didn’t get a chance to capture all cars out on the day. There were so many diverse setups and hidden gems.

Like an unsuspecting turbo K-series ..

.. tucked into the back of this inconspicuous MR2.

We’ve been covering events like this for a while now, so we get to see the constant changes to cars. Small or large, we take note – like Philip Do’s S2000 out again this year.

Super clean K-swap into a very neat EG. Nice Sprint Hart CPRs to top it off – a Honda favourite.

Similar to the S2000, ‘RYD11R’s now black, a switch from the silver duco we saw it in earlier this year. Whether he’s gone with a new car or just new paint, there’s no denying that simple S15s with the right set of wheels still make such a sleek combo.

Stephen’s Evo adds a colourful flash to our dull Sydney streets. Since Showcased, the wheels have been painted and it does a fine job at being the centre of attention.

More Nissan presence at a Honda meet, but we don’t mind. Nice XD9s on this S15.

We love the look of big four-door sedans riding low over smart wheels. Good choice.

Here’s one last rear shot of Fung’s ‘Best in Show’ S2000 as it drove away for the day.  It’s great to see a business like JDMYard still thriving after ten years on the go. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Zi and Yonas for reaching such a milestone for their business. It is a great accomplishment and we wish them all the best for a prosperous future. We’ve left the fields below open for your comments, so feel free to add any words of support.

Yonas would like to thank all those who have helped and supported JDMYard from the very beginning. Each and every individual affiliated with JDMYard, and most importantly, every JDMYard customer who has supported the business and assisted in its growth.