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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

The first weekend of December marked the beginning of the end for events in 2011. JDMYard hosted their second annual End of Year Event with a number of surprises up their sleeves. Interstate guests joined us to close off the year surrounded by quality cars, models a BBQ and last minute sales bargains.

For a gathering which had initially started as an OzHonda event, the second JDMYard Annual became one of the most highly anticipated meets of the year for Sydney’s Honda owners. Turnout on the day was solid with increased numbers and a growing USDM influence.

We were lucky to have the FFamily join us from Queensland. Ash and Emilio with their white EG Civics showcased true build quality.

Another interstate guest, Oxer, made his way up for the meet from Melbourne in his infamous EH Sedan. Did we mention that this bagged Civic is also turbocharged?

This was the first time we’d seen Dupac’s EK Civic with its fresh paint, and what a sweet sight it was. Midori Green has never looked so good!

Simon’s classic look EK Civic is still being used for daily duties since we featured it on our site. His CCWs never fail to impress us.

Purposeful looking S2000 belonging to Fung. Look closely and you’ll notice an intercooler tucked in there. Yep, it’s boosted.

Old school is always cool, and this EF9 knows it. There aren’t too many of these in Aus.

Robert’s EG Civic drew attention all day. His DIY build took a total of just three months to complete.

‘Honda’ meet may as well read ‘Civic’ meet. There was no shortage of the prized hatches.

Zico’s EK Civic is one of our favourites. It’s quality from top to toe, as you can see, with Spoon brakes behind TE37s.

John’s Teala Tequila MX-5 isn’t a Honda, but he’s got the right moves. Great fitment.

Another MX-5 that’s been doing the rounds lately. Genuinely slammed over rebarreled steelies.

Yonas’ car has seen a bunch of setup changes over the years. His K-swapped EG now has a TTS Rotrex Supercharger Kit and will be out on the track more often from next year.

The new setup also utilizes 40mm widened front fenders. Rolling stock is a set of 17×9 +22 CE28s.

An extreme J’s Racing wing has helped Yonas achieve aero advantages for his circuit setup. Love the window bracing.

A departure from the Civics on show, this Accord Euro was representing as part of Absolute Crew. It’s the second Accord that Alfa, owner of Absolute, has modified. This time around he chose the facelift model and opted for air suspension. A unique Mugen front lip finishes off the front perfectly in our opinion.

In the guards of Alfa’s Euro are these three-piece Work VS-FX wheels which were purchased well before the car was. Up-close and in person, they’re stunning.

Chook’s new car is total a turnaround from his static slammed MX-5 that we brought you earlier in the year. He’s now opted for a more practical option – this Lexus GS. Air suspension went in straight away, and Chook tells us that new wheels are just about on the way.

Hondas weren’t the only cars at the meet. The Built To Order 370z was spotted on a set of gloss black stock wheels this time around.

A new addition to the car is this titanium tipped HKS Exhaust.

The number of cars on air suspension is increasing daily here in Sydney. Around the main car-park was a total of six including the Xtreme Motorsports Nissan ‘Rubix’ Cube.

Tith Brothers were out in force. Between them they had enough cameras and gear to cover all angles of the meet.

Sunlight was doing wonders for everyone’s paintwork, and it wasn’t going unnoticed.

John tells us that next year will see some motor changes for his MX-5. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on them as they happen.

Another shot of Zico’s awesome EK. Loads of suspension work can be spied under the back.

Anything Voltex is impressively made, styled and most of all, priced. But if you want the best, you can forget the rest.

Starting over on the passenger side with the Carbing foot rest  and moving over to the ‘Orido Style’ Limited Edition Nardi wheel, this is an EK like no other.

Oxer has never been one to shy away from the limelight, and his new wheel choice certainly generates attention.

His new Airide setup was the envy of a few other Honda owners.

Michael Nguyen’s S2000 hasn’t changed too much since its appearance at last years annual meet-up.

CE28s finish off the OEM+ approach Michael has gone for with his car. We struggled to find an S2000 as clean as this one at the meet.

A titanium gear knob added a nice dash of colour to the interior. Stay tuned for a quick feature of this car in the next few weeks.

Fung’s S2000 looks even more aggressive in comparison.

Fitment on S2000s is tricky business if you want that wide-wheel look, but tough track credentials aren’t so hard especially if you roll on AME TM-02s.

You can’t get more USDM-style than this. Immaculately restored BBS RS with candy red centres.

Dupac’s Midori Green EK has an almost comprehensive EK9 exterior package and is stunning from the outside, but it gets even wilder underneath. The motor is built on a B20 block with ITR head, ITR gearbox, Tein Mono-Flex coilovers, Hard Race camber kits, ASR subframe brace, ITR rear sway bar, SR3 Recaro’s and 16×7 +15 GAB sport wheels. Mad.

Average car owners and JDMYard’s neighbours have a hard time comprehending the need to carefully manoeuvre in and out of the complex.

You can’t say no to a JDM front DC2 Integra Type R.

Absolute Crew got up bright and early for prime position, or so we thought. Many had actually come straight from a night out in the city. Several of their cars are in the midst of setup changes to air suspension.

Gerwin’s CU2 Honda Accord Euro spent most of the day hidden in a corner, though we were able to sneak this rear wheel shot. 20in AME Shallen FX 22s measure 10″ wide at the back, and they’re tucked thanks to D2 Air Suspension and Accu-Air E-Level management.

Ash’s EG has more modifications than we could mention here. Bonnet off is the real way to do this engine bay justice.

You may have seen this car formerly rolling on BBS RS wheels, colour-coded to the rocker cover. Ash ditched them in favour of another classic, these TE37s in a unique finish.

Straight business inside with only the necessary basics; Defi gauges and a Personal tiller.

Stripped out and raw. Ash’s exposed shifter takes no prisoners.

Another flawlessly presented EG engine bay this time housing a B-series motor. Polished alloy, white paint and lashings of carbon. What you can’t see in this shot are Emilio’s brand new Work CR-01s. Perfect.

This carbon Back Yard Special front lip is too good to scrape.

JDM Yard has been supplying Honda parts for years now and their line-up of products is always expanding. Their showroom was full of stock and guests rolled out with new bits throughout the day.

Yonas, part owner of JDM Yard, had his hands full with crowds taking full advantage of the end of year savings on offer. This time around they dropped even bigger discounts as a thanks to their customers for the support.

Philip Do’s S2000 is still the most aggressively fitted around town. Since spotting it at last weeks ClubITR BBQ, we’re still in awe at his ability to navigate Sydney streets.

Photographer Philip Nguyen didn’t waste any time with his Honda Jazz. He’s already had a set of RE30’s fitted, plus a pair of Recaro’s with the rear half of the car stripped. A J’s Racing grille and front lip finish off the car in exterior.

Once again cars were  lined up around the corner and down the road. Each year’s Annual brings in more quantity and quality.

Check out the tiny visibility between driver’s side dashboard and wink mirror on this NA MX-5.

Another shot of this beautiful engine bay because we know you want to see it. Queensland are repping hard for the Aussie Honda scene.

The ultimate for Civic lovers is the K-series swap, but Ash wasn’t happy with that. Individual throttle bodies and a shaved bay should just about do it.

This close up shot of Yonas’ engine bay doesn’t show much of his new supercharger setup, but we bet the track times will.

Car owners grouped in the forecourt of JDMYard were happy to talk shop all day as more and more cars rolled through.

The Honda scene is one of the most vibrant with plenty of young owners and fresh energy keeping it moving.

John Elhindi’s custom wide-body S2000. Where do we even begin with this car. Rarely do one-off cars look so refined.

If you’re going to go for custom bodywork, this is how it should be done. John’s Mugen hardtop caps it off well.

Sticker-free and oh so clean. If this is what the USDM Civics bring out of Australians then we’re all for it.

Wood finish is tough to get right, but Mohammad’s EG nailed it! He tells us there are big plans for his car, including a wheel and suspension setup overhaul.

The character of Mohammad’s car doesn’t stop inside the shaved engine bay, with a matching Nardi steering wheel finished off in woodgrain.

Also joining Oxer’s Civic on the trip up from Melbourne was this Audi A4 on a set of TE37s. Add to that the manual transmission and you’ve got yourself a rare desirable combination.

Both cars were out representing the Australian division of Stanceworks, which started out as ‘The Lowly Gents’ in Melbourne.

As the day came to a close, the JDMYard crew were able to soak up the atmosphere of the event. Here we have the other half of JDMYard’s ownership, Zi. Both Yonas and Zi have successfully built a one-stop-shop for Honda owners to meet new people and exchange ideas for all things Honda. We wish them all the best for 2012 and expect the next Annual will be even bigger!

We’d like to express our thanks to Oxer for making his way up from Melbourne just for the event. Same for Rory of Downshift in Queensland, the FFamily crew, Ash and Emilio for their time and effort and allowing us to pull their cars aside for a quick shoot. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for follow-up features in conjunction with Downshift and the Stanceworks Australia team.