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– Words & Photos: Melvin Tang.

As you’ve seen spread across the front page of T-LD, all of the end of year gatherings are happening at once. This weekend just past was time for another meet, this one JDM Style Tuning’s end of year event in Melbourne. We’ve compiled a quick rundown on the day and photos of a few cars that showed up.

Like many Melbourne events, this one was held near the heart of the CBD, which is always an amazing spectacle. Here we have a clean bug-eye WRX sporting a custom set of XD9s, measuring 18×9 +20 all round, they’re the only set with these specific sizes and Subaru stud pattern in all of Australia.

The X7 Toyota shape is one of our all-time favourites, and this Cressida struck a chord sitting low over well sized wheels.

This Midori green EK Civic is perfectly fitting for the team it belongs to, known as Simply Fresh. The car’s completely USDM inspired, and we love it.

Can’t go wrong with CCW wheels, they look stunning against the EK’s Midori green paint.

Quality parts hiding everywhere, Cusco bracing spotted on this Mitsubishi Evo VIII.

Neil Gray owns a workshop specialising in drift called Primal Garage, and brought along the latest incarnation of their beautiful 180SX. It’s a perfect blend of performance parts in an ultra clean package.

AME Tracer wheels sourced from Autotechnik in Sydney.

It’s all those little touches that come together to make a great car. Bride seats, custom gauges, Nardi steering wheel and re-stitched door trims to name a few.

This R33 GT-R was sporting ultra-rare Rays Engineering Top Secret 2001 gold wheels, coupled with those Brembo’s we just had to share a shot of it.

It’s been hailed as Car of the Year by numerous publications, and there’s no denying that the Toyota 86 has had a massive launch; not only locally but worldwide. It’s taken the automotive world by storm, and there’s plenty of examples around in Melbourne already.

Even though the bug-eye shape tends to divide opinions, we’re massive fans of the look. Here’s the black one from the opening shot again, the XD9 fitment is on point!

Simply Fresh EM1 representing T-LD!

Melbourne’s locations are always eye-pleasing, and we were lucky enough to have this meet in a carpark right in the middle of the CBD. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is just a quick rundown of the day, full coverage can be found on the official JDMST thread.