One of the best things about having your own website is that it’s very easy to feature your own car! Our resident photographer, Jason, is the proud owner of this VIP inspired Honda Accord Euro. Last week we made it the subject of this feature video.

Coated in Night Hawk Black this 2007 model has been modified with Tein MonoFlex coilovers, Injen intake, Ingalls camber kit, some Junction Produce merchandise and of course those stunning Enkei RPF1 RC Type 2s. Not to mention the factory optioned leather interior, sunroof and more. While I was shooting the piece above, Jason pulled out his camera to grab a few shots at the same time.


  1. that first picture made me jizz my pants!
    some of the finest photography i have ever seen.
    big ups to the m.j digital boys!
    so so so clean and defining, well done!

  2. Nice attempt at VIP, but not quite there. Hit up Aus-Vip.com to check out Australia’s best VIP cars!!