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In the game of Time Attack only one factor matters, the number recorded as your lap time. So when a workshop like IS Motor Racing comes out with a demo car like what you see here, and a time of 1:02.06 around Wakefield Park in only its second outing you know it’s bound to make some noise!

We recently caught up with Indy and Bryce from IS Motor Racing out at Wakefield Park for Nulon Nationals to see how the car was performing and to get further insight into their new build, so lets kick things off starting with the shell. Indy and the team went back to grass-roots with this car, purchasing and shipping a blank shell from Japan.

Whilst we admit that this is a great looking car, don’t be fooled into thinking that choices for the body-kit were based on cosmetics. The aero setup and kit components comprise from off the shelf products. Being a Time Attack car, the team know it’s going to be vulnerable towards damage so Indy decided to purchase easily replaceable parts. This includes a full wide-body Varis kit consisting of the front end, side skirts, bonnet, boot and shaved fibreglass doors with a Voltex wing. The interior has been completely stripped with a full cage.

We’ve seen some killer cars like the Autosalon Industrie drift car (S15) come out of the shop as a demo car, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen Indy come out with a car of his own to represent IS Motor Racing. “We’ve built a lot of winning Clubsprint and Open Class EVO’s in the past, many of them landing podium finishes. For us, it was time to build something that we could enjoy out on the track, and showcase to customers the workmanship of our services”, explains Indy.

You’d expect above average results when a car is built by someone with a wealth of knowledge around EVO’s and tuning; and so far the car is proving to be a success. “We’ve been out to the track with the new car two times now, and we’re really happy with how it’s performing. We placed third at Nulon Nationals with a 1:02.06 (Wakefield Park Raceway) on the second outing of the day”, says Indy.

The car’s currently rolling on AME Tracer TM-02 wheels sourced from Budi at Autotechnik. They’re wrapped in Advan A050 R Spec tyres, which are only available here in Australia and Japan. Stopping force is handled by AP Racing brakes, with custom Bilstein coilovers fabricated by Heasman Steering.

Under the bonnet is a HKS 2.3 litre motor with a custom JUN head and a Precision 6262 turbo setup.

As the car is still undergoing testing and further development, there’s a lot being kept on the-lowdown with the build. Power figures have been kept undisclosed for now as the team prepare to make the car more competitive.

Indy would like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to get the EVO to where it is today. “Thanks to AME Wheels, Arise Auto Body, Autotechnik, Bilstein Australia, CJ Motor, Heasman Steering, Martini Racing, Royal Purple, Westside Muffler, Zen Garage, last but not least Bryce and Nic at IS Motor Racing and my wife Astrid for letting me build this race car.”

We’ll be following Indy’s EVO in more detail throughout the year as it lays down more testing time and we’ll bring you comprehensive build updates as this happens. In the meantime, click this link to grab desktop images and keep your eyes out for another IS Motor Racing build on T-LD soon, where we catch up with Royal Purple Oil Star – Daniel Farquhar and his EVO VIII MR.

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