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Earlier this week an SMS went out to a few key players about a small get together that night. Those few folks then invited another few folks and before we knew it 30 cars showed up. I had a camera with me so here’s a few snaps.

These meets are one of my favourite things about the scene in Sydney. A lot of people are always willing to get out in their cars and spend some time talking shop with other enthusiasts. It makes sense when you get a group of like minded people in the same space that good friendships are formed.

This car stole the show. It’s been in the build for a few months now, and it’s finally at the stage where it can make it out of the garage. Obviously it’s still unpainted and has a few tweaks left to go, but it’s presence on the road is something to see. We’re hoping to share the full specifications and a proper photoshoot when it’s ready.