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Hello to all you supporters. Ian Luff is my name and driver development, motivation, training, is my game. Recently Michael Zomaya, the driving force behind contacted me to see if I would contribute to this automotive blog? Going back many years when we conducted advanced, defensive, performance driving programs at Oran Park, Michael got involved with us. I even gave him the nickname – ‘Rockstar,’ make what you want out of this? Seriously, Michael Zomaya is a motoring enthusiast so I guess we share the same passion for cars and driving.

Back in 1983 when I established the Ian Luff Driving Academy, my team and I never taught any graduate to push the accelerator. Think about your first driving experience, I can guarantee stomping on the gas pedal didn’t require membership at the local gym. Modern vehicles have fly by wire technology meaning physical effort is less than quarter of a kg. Having in excess of 200,000 graduates including Mark Webber, none of these people got a sore foot from accelerating!

When you look at road carnage, commonly called accidents one must look at the reason so many drivers crash? I maintain, accidents don’t happen, they are caused and human error is the single most ingredient. Put simply, don’t drive, you don’t crash, the more you drive – ‘longer distance’ the more exposure you have to risk. I can’t think of any driver that wakes up one morning and says – “Today’s a great day to die.” Yet there is always the explanation – ‘The car went out of control,’ which you always hear on the news.  Lack of skill and I don’t mean doing a reverse park, 3 point turn or a hill start is why so many drivers crash. It is claimed ‘speed’ is the most common cause for drivers to lose control and crash. Can I suggest it’s hard to crash when you’re stationary unless some dipstick runs into you. So we agree mobility, another word for ‘speed’ is just a number with most highways in our country signposted at 110km/h or 100km’h. The contentious subject of ‘speeding’ will throw up many an argument! In future articles of I will put forward my views on not only speeding, but all matters motoring. Feel free to begin your discussions below.

Happy new year, be safe and don’t let your enthusiasm exceed your driving skills.

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