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Val (Valerie) Mercado isn’t just a pretty face, born and raised in New Yok City, Val enrolled as a full-time nursing student in NYC whilst balancing two jobs; one of them being a production assistant on the Wendy Williams show.

Her employment on the Wendy Williams show motivated her to pursue journalism instead where she graduated with honours scoring herself a gig for Seventeen Magazine as a fashion blogger and red carpet reporter.

Whilst working for Seventeen Magazine it wasn’t before too long that Val’s Instagram following began to grow, amassing 1 million followers in early 2016.

Albeit some of her following was gained through rumours of her seeing Tyga while he was performing in Paris (Tyga was still with Kyle Jenner at the time). There’s no denying that there is a slight resemblance between the two!

You can follow Val Mercado on her Instagram.

Photography by Martin Murillo.