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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Mitch Hemming.

Most of the time when we talk to car owners about their builds we end up asking what they would do differently if they had to start over. Sometimes there’s a long list of things, sometimes only a few, but for Vincent, this is his second R32 GT-R – this is ‘next time’. After vowing never to own another after the problems with his first, his follow-up attempt is one of Australia’s most complete all-’round R32s, a machine truly worthy of its ‘GTR GOD’ plates and the nickname, ‘Godzilla’.

“I have loved the 32 GT-R ever since watching them at Bathurst when I was a kid,” says Vincent. Years later at the turn of the millenium the dream of owning his own Godzilla finally came true, but the car was riddled with problems and didn’t last. It wasn’t until five years ago that he decided to have another crack.

“I bought the car off a friend of mine who at that time wanted my motorbike, after a swap and some cash his way I found my way back into my second 32 GT-R. I vowed before that never to buy another one as my first one caused me nothing but problems.”

But the scenario was a little different second time around, this GT-R was already modified and putting down big power. Not to mention the flawless body condition which Vincent descibed as “perfect.” It’s still that way today.

“The new GT-R had 420awkW with the RB26 engine which was amazing to drive and I was happy with that. It was just a tough street car with some track work on the side, however the racing bug bit me and I wanted more power. That’s when it turned into a full time attack car,” Vincent explains.

Most people would never find the need for more than 420kW, but Vincent isn’t most people so he went searching for the best place to source his upgrades. “After all the research I did I felt I felt HKS had the best options,” he says. “GT Auto Garage is Queensland’s only HKS F-Con tuner and HKS Pro Dealer,” so they were a perfect fit for Vincent.

After shooting a few ideas around and talking about what he wanted to accomplish, the crew formed a plan of attack. “One month later the car was getting a new HKS Step 2 500awkW engine built.” The Step 2 kit from HKS is a 2.8L stroker package, all forged internals rated to 800ps (588kW) which GT Auto added to an N1 block.

Headwork included porting and polishing and a duo of HKS 278 camshafts for serious rumble. A Hypertune plenum feeding the six individual throttles features on the intake side of things while an HKS T04Z turbo sits on the other. The raw grunt within is impossible to keep a secret with a snail like that hanging off the side.

To cope with the massive torque of the RB28 Vincent upgraded to a strong OS Giken gearset. Final drive in both diff’s is now 4.3 with a Nismo LSD in the back. Turning and stopping is assisted by some of the best gear that money can buy: Ohlins/Swift handle suspension and Alcon/Project Mu brakes pull the car up.

Start to finish the build took just under a year. Once the motor was sorted attention shifted inside where a custom roll cage was fabricated in-house at GT Auto Garage. “Then came the seats, fuel system and the list goes on,” says Vincent. “At first I couldn’t feel the difference, the main thing is how much quicker boost comes on with the 2.8!”

“What I love the most about GTR GOD is the stance, it just turns heads everywhere I go and it sounds the part too. It’s just such a clean car with completely standard N1 body kit, straight from the factory look. With over 500awkW to make it go.” What more could you ask for?

Vincent would like to thank David and Alex at GT Auto Garage.


– 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

– 2.8L RB28DETT six-cylinder turbo

– HKS Step 2 2.8L stroker kit
– N1 block
– HKS T04Z turbocharger
– HKS front mount intercooler
– PWR custom radiator
– HKS turbo back exhaust
– HKS 278 camshafts
– Bosch fuel pumps
– Hypertune intake plenum

– OS Giken Cross Mission gear set
– Nismo LSD

– Alcon six-piston front calipers
– Brembo rear calipers
– Project Mu rotors and pads front and rear
– Ohlins coilovers with Swift springs
– Front strut brace

– Volk Rays CE28 Time Attack 18×10″
– Hankook semi slicks

– Standard silver paintwork
– N1 bodykit

– Bride Zeta seats
– Willans harnesses
– Nismo gearknob
– Defi gauges
– Custom cro-moly roll cage
– Carbon stereo panel delete
– Momo steering wheel

– 508awkW, 708Nm