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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital & Berty.

Thanks to Her Majesty The Queen, most Aussie states enjoyed an extra day off last weekend. Being the proactive types we are it seemed only right to take full advantage of this long weekend and throw a little meet with our friends at Garage 88. It was back to the old school as far as format was concerned, with a bunch of parking spaces to fill, sausages on the barbeque and a DJ keeping our ears happy. Here’s our coverage from the day.

Sam’s wide S15 is always a good sight. Since he runs his own bodyshop the paintwork has to be flawless.

James’ street/circuit S15 braved double demerits and drove out to join in.

Lieutenant Dan’s Evo 9 is still registered, but a little too red hot for the drive to Eastern Creek. That didn’t stop him bringing it over for us to ogle!

Lately Hendra has been off the radar a little bit as he’s sold his S15, and this WRX has been getting some work done, but he showed up to wow us all once more.

One of the standout cars on the day, it really nails that tough Evo look for the street.

Catching up with old friends in an atmosphere like this is what it’s all about.

Garage 88 stock the best gear from Japan and had select items on show.

V8 Supercar driver, Jonathon Webb, happened to be in Sydney and came out to the meet in this amazing Porsche.

One of four black R35 GT-Rs to show up, but the only one in matte! ADV.1s and some choice carbon bits made this one stand out.

Beautiful vinyl wrapped Evo X demo car for Garage 88/Dixcel Brakes.

Super clean R32 GT-R on TE37SLs.

The plates don’t lie on this 964, it was a real-deal RS. I’d say it was probably the best car at the meet from my point of view. Such an amazing bit of kit.

Inside it was all business with fixed back seats, roll cage with window net, helmet net where the back seat would be and even a rally setup on the passenger side for a co-driver with pace notes.

Our friends from House of Stance represented their crew with four prime rides. Ray’s bagged A3 above looked proper on 3-piece Porsche wheels.

Chook’s GS300 is a constant head turner when it rolls in and airs out.

Fitment is to the millimetre doing full justice to those VIP Modular VSX210s.

The fourth car from House of Stance was this bagged Mk5 Golf over Mercedes wheels.

Shane’s missus is usually seen driving around in this GS430 on VS-XXs, but since his Supra was up on stands he figured he’d take it for a run.

Clean AE86s will always make us smile.

Dom’s R33 is eye-popping, as if the wheels alone weren’t enough ..

.. there’s that over the top wing at the back to boot! It’s a deliberately outrageous thing and we like it.

DJ Biggie had the tunes locked.

The crowd was strong, lots of people taking their time to make sure they saw everything on show.

Mitch’s R32 is one of the cleanest in Sydney by far, his new rear diffuser looks awesome.

Jon’s R32 is right up there with the best in town, both of these GT-Rs are being modded fairly in sync with each other.

Nothing causes a stir at these shows like an exotic supercar.

Everyone was craning their necks to get a look at this Murcielago when it rolled in.

So much presence from every angle!

No long weekend would be complete without a midday barbeque. The guys from Fat Panda were on hand to keep us all fed.

How good is the smell of onions on a hotplate? All of the food was first class, I’m pretty sure I went back for fourths.

Since the parking spaces outside Garage 88’s workshop and showroom are limited, we had to walk down the street to check out all the cars. This E30 was tucked up a neighbouring driveway.

Stunning Datsun 1600. N/A 510? Not by the look of that intercooler. There’s a stout SR20 behind it.

Clean JZX100 with a nice bodykit on it. Perfect cruisers with plenty of 1JZ poke.

Nice Evo taking some time out.

Another shot of Dom’s 33 with huge wing and wide rubber at the back.

Talking mods and making plans.

This DC5 pulled off the CCW Classics really well.

We were into this EK, it was stripped out inside but painted to match the exterior. Very clean.

Dale’s widebody S15 is painted in unique matte white, it’s a crowd pleaser at all times and even gets away with a bit of police attention!

Built To Order showed up with their demo EG sporting a few new mods.

Hendra’s WRX is set to receive some major engine upgrades in the near future.

Aesthetically it is so on point, there’s nothing else needed. Getting the power Hendra wants is the next step.

After going down the bagged/fitted route, this 370Z is now modified with track orientated parts.

In the lead up to WTAC this year James has been chipping away at some little jobs on his S15, but after missing out so narrowly last year he is ready to hit the circuit.

His SR with VET head is a real monster package, but surprisingly tolerable when driven on the road.

Lieutenant Dan is a seasoned Evo racer, having owned an Evo VII before moving to this IX MR.

Only the finest parts money can buy have been fitted to this car.

He will be another contender at WTAC in a few months time.

Another car out on the day for Built To Order was this S15.

Hassan has had a string of modified cars leading up to this one, but he’s really made an impact with the Silvia.

Few workshops in Sydney actually stock a large range of Japanese parts like wheels, but Garage 88 pride themselves on it. It’s so much better to be able to admire the quality in person rather than just looking at photos online.

This BMW is actually my own project which is just getting under way. The BBS RN wheels were only fitted the day before the meet, suspension is yet to be fully setup.

Our eyes were drawn to this Cortina the moment it rumbled up the street. Truly immaculate from top to toe.

Another of those black R35s we mentioned. Tough as nails.

It seemed like every second person had a camera ready.

So much carbon!

Simple FD, well suited to the RPF1s.

Another pic of Jon’s R32. Somehow he’s managed to keep that carbon lip relatively unscathed!

Engine conversions are always a hot topic and the K-swap in this EK drew a few curious parties.

The second 911 to show up was this left hand drive example. Lots of people don’t like the¬†Aubergine colour, but we do!

Matte black decals on a gloss black car really works well. Garage 88’s Golf R is sporty class all rolled into one.

Rohan’s Aristo has the VIP thing going on.

DJ Biggie handed the reigns over to DJ Robiko later in the day.

In the end it was a great day, easy to chill out with good cars, food and music.

Our thanks to:

Garage 88
Fat Panda
Trigger Australia
House of Stance