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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

There’s no better way to spend a weekend than knowing you can sleep in on Monday and not go to work. This Sunday just gone was the perfect setup with the long weekend, unbeatable weather, a prime new location and heaps of time on our hands. So we ventured down to Eastern Creek to check out the brand new Garage 88 facility and spend the day shooting the breeze, eating off the BBQ and admiring the Sydney car talent at JDMST’s September End Of Month Meet.

One of Garage 88’s demo cars, and one mother of a head-turner. We haven’t seen a better looking 86 in Australia than this, and you know what the intercooler means. It’s the ultimate package.

Garage 88 have also built the unique FD Civic above, a shape that is often neglected by modifiers.

Ryan Suter is a good friend of, and his AE86 looks better everytime we see it! Subtle, tasteful mods have turned this former rust-bucket into the sweetest P-plater ride out there.

You know summer is coming when you see cars like this with the top down. Does it get any better than a well fitted E30? Beautiful.

Our very own Mk1 project car is finally on the road and made a late appearance at the meet. It’s been a long process, but it all feels worthwhile now that it’s moving under it’s own 16V power! Pity we didn’t get time to clean it before the event.

Neat targa SW20 repping SSRs, Bride interior and cool yellow tinted foglights.

This awesome Sunkist orange Celica is a regular at JDMST meets and always looks superb.

Christian’s Maloo rocks the VIP Modular look so well. Commodore owners take note! We hear there’s a supercharger in the works for this one.

Low, black over bronze FD RX-7 = all class. Peter’s car continues to look the part.

Remember these plates? This S15 has come a very long way. You don’t see many red S15s around, so we always like it when this turns up.

This neat K-series EK is still evolving. We’re glad to see the body-colour bonnet return.

As if all this automotive eye candy wasn’t enough, crowds were kept entertained by a DJ and fed from a delicious BBQ care of Fat Panda.

For those wondering, the bike is a rider! It was on the roof after taking it for a pedal that morning.

From a slightly different part of the scene came this R32 GT-R with some of the finest paintwork out there.

Under the hood was a brutal RB26 with big single turbo setup and heaps of other top shelf mods.

The sickest Daihatsu on the streets!

Adam’s MkV GTI is the ultimate in understated styling. Everything has been so well chosen that you can barely pick the wide aftermarket front guards. Love the black over black look with red details.

I still can’t make up my mind about FN2Rs, but Sinh’s one gets a big tick. The new front bar and Mugen grille work for me.

Subtle carbon side skirts and nicely contrasting Advan RGIIs round out this futuristic looking car.

However, there’s even more than meets the eye. Yep, AMG brakes.

Nick’s MX-5 is ready for Movember!

If you want to pull a crowd, just pop that bonnet latch.

We stuck our heads upstairs for a peek at the new Garage 88 showroom, and it’s a wheel-lovers paradise.

There’s something about this EG that we just love. An excellent, unique wheel choice, great colour, carbon duck tail, Spoon brakes and turbo motor. It’s all there.

Moving out of the Garage 88 carpark, both sides of the street were lined with nice cars.

Great looking S15 from a distance, and even better up close. The roof of this is wrapped in proper carbon fibre, and blended in down the pillars. A real work of art from Bodyform.

The R32 on the left must’ve downed a few steroids, it had super pumped guards front and rear.

Not much else gets the heart of a JDM enthusiast racing like a built R34 GT-R. This one is up there with Sydney’s best.

Word has it that all of the top parts from the Tomei catalogue can be found on this car and it makes over 400kW (540hp) at the wheels.

The Mazda 3 MPS is a solid performer, not needing much at all to crack 200wkW and shame unsuspecting rivals! This one had a sweet set of wheels and carbon lip.

John’s Teala Tequila MX-5 is always a crowd favourite.

Take note of this face, because there’s 500kW of 4G63 behind it. Noah’s new carbon bonnet suits his Evo IX.

Classy Evo looking just right in white.

Michael from Garage 88 was a generous host, and has big aspirations for the future of the business.

There aren’t many places in Sydney where you can see and sit in a lineup of Bride seats. Garage 88 are raising the bar.

Their showroom is filled with quality parts. “We¬†source from over 200 brands, ranging from the well known popular brands like HKS, Fujitsubo and Cusco to the little delightful such as Soft99, Super Now and the like.

If you’re in need of parts or just need someone to tackle your technical stuff, get in touch with them. They have an in-house mechanic and workshop as well.

Anyone who missed out on the JDMST meet should make a point of getting down to Garage 88 and having a look. We’re sure there’s plenty more to come out of this new Sydney spot!