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– Words: Ryan Lewis & Stefan Trajkovski. Photos: Stefan Trajkovski.

The other week we took a look at day one of the EvolutionOz Nationals, and now here’s our wrap-up of the second and final day. Activities moved out to Goulburn Airport for a much different morning of competition before heading back to Wakefield Park for the big finale. Conditions started out extremely cold with a strong wind to boot, but spirits were high and eyes firmly fixed on taking out those winning spots.

Despite the freezing temperatures drivers managed to stay warm thanks to hot drinks from the coffee van. Plenty of friendly rivalries kicked off again for the second day.

After the driver’s briefing everyone queued up for the first session of competition – a rolling-start 700m drag race. All efforts had been made to get the runway swept in the days leading up to the event, so it was disappointing to find that the runway was still littered with large, loose gravel.

Liberal amounts of duct tape were applied to some cars to minimise the damage sustained to their car’s paintwork, but most drivers headed for the strip and took the stone chips in their stride, almost like an Evo owner’s badge of honour.

Organisers for this event have been planning since last years event finished, and the wheels are already in motion for next year!

Final adjustments before hitting the track can be critical.

The boot mounted wing mounted to S. Stewart’s Evo above snapped clean off during his 700m runway dash.

It’s a good idea to find out what the competition is running.

AP Racing brakes matched with TE37SLs.

The rolling start dash involved a sweeping corner which lead onto the long straight. A few guys got a bit too keen off the mark, and attempted to four-wheel drift when coming onto the straight. A handful of cars spun around completely and made a shameful return back to the starting line.

The most recent generation of Evo has begun proving itself as a real competitor at Evo Nats.

The number of race-prepped cars turning up on trailers to take part is increasing year on year.

Serious track tyres like these were brought out by a few of the quickest cars to really push the limits of their setups.

Mick Hiscoe’s Evo IX has some of the best looking livery going around.

Brake bias adjuster getting pride of place in the centre console.

Cars in the Unrestricted and Super Modified classes sounded particularly brutal launching out on the runway.

Sometimes the best way to keep warm is to stay in the car! Temperatures in Goulburn dip mighty low this time of year.

A motorkhana session followed the drags, and while the organisers setup the course the drivers got together for a BBQ lunch, some laughs and more chat about their triple diamond rides.

I guess you just had to be there.

700m flat out in a straight line is not something you can do just anywhere.

The relatively high-speed motorkhana course had drivers throwing their cars around witches hats and spraying gravel all over the place. The Evo’s rally heritage came into play here with plenty of controlled slides harking back to the WRC.

Wakefield’s hillclimb track is fantastic for some variety at an event like this.

Once the motorkhana session was over it was back over to Wakefield Park Raceway for the Special Stage, which involved running Wakefield’s track in reverse, combined with an additional hillclimb track after turn six. It was very popular with the drivers, and the perfect way to end the event.

All model Evos are welcome with lots of owners commenting on the increased presence of the Evo X this year.

The view from the pits is great at Wakefield; one of the few tracks where you can see everything from one spot.

A few familiar names turned up on the winners list, including Nik Kalis (above) who took second spot overall in the Unrestricted class and Jamie Mischkonigg in his Evo 8MR who clinched the win in Semi Modified for the second year running. Full winners list below.

– Unrestricted
1 261.896 J.Naidoo (JEVO)
2 263.088 N.Kalis (NikEVO9)
3 281.688 P.Heafey (Philh)

– Super Modified
1 261.703 M.Hiscoe (evomick)
2 261.721 D.Lord (spears)
3 268.481 D.Finnimore (fin)

– Highly Modified
1 267.224 T.Catford (Catford)
2 267.622 A.Field (Andrew Field)
3 270.230 R.Street (StreetRacingTeam)

– Modified
1 276.754 T.Long (tob11)
2 278.842 A.Court (aj2thec)
3 282.630 G.Stoneham (wombata)

– Semi-Modified
1 271.080 J.Mischkonigg (PyRoMaNiAc)
2 275.469 N.Bates (Nicholas@VSport)
3 279.120 S.Newman (Newman)

– Restricted Modified
1 278.460 A.Hedges (AndyMac)
2 278.646 H.Scanlain (evil8)
3 298.312 G.Holloway (evofox)

1 G.Holloway (evofox)
2 J.Sander (Kraziman)
3 T.Catford (Catford)
4 D.Finnimore (fin)
5 A.Field (Andrew Field)