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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: Kory Leung. Video: Advan Australia.

Last weekend, the sixth consecutive Evo Nationals were held in conjunction with JDM Style Tuning’s monthly meet. The two day event spread over all of Eastern Creek on Saturday for a track-day before moving on to Huntley for Sunday’s hill climb. Different Evo platforms conquered the track, graced the skid-pan, showcased their mods and cruised the track after a group photoshoot. You can catch all the action from Saturday’s event below.

The atmosphere around Eastern Creek was unique. At one end the Evolution-Oz track day and motorkhana were in progress, whilst at the other, the JDM Style Tuning end of month meet took shape in the form of a show ‘n’ shine. It was a different but welcoming environment for this month’s meet, as forum members flooded the pits to put their rides on show.

Photographer, Kory Leung, was on board during the day to bring us coverage of all the action from the Saturday. The video below also showcases a wrap-up of the day, including the show ‘n’ shine held in conjunction with JDM Style Tuning and the blokes over at Auto Obsession.


2011 Evo-Nationals Results  – Saturday Track Day & Motorkhana

TRACK (Eastern Creek Raceway)

1 1.37.672 N.Kalis (nikEvo9)
2 1.39.346 A.Hamdan (ahamdan72)
3 1.42.425 J.Bouffier (FamousToledo)

Super Modified
1 1.40.428 M.Hiscoe (evomick)
2 1.40.885 J.Naidoo (JEVO)
3 1.41.512 B.Tran (Benson)

Highly Modified
1 1.43.583 O.Zaberca (zabi)
2 1.45.643 M.Boxsell (Mark@GTPumps)
3 1.47.044 A.Wade (Beeble)

1 1.45.668 S.Stewart (SAS)
2 1.46.754 R.Gooley (Gools)
3 1.47.877 J.Williams (jdub)

1 1.48.269 G.Manion (devo9)
2 1.49.567 J.Mischkonigg (PyRoMaNiAc)
3 1.49.994 T.Long (tob11)

Restricted Modified
1 1.54.413 G.Holloway (evofox)
2 1.54.461 A.Phipps (sart0ri)
3 1.55.723 A.Wilken (switch)

MOTORKHANA (Eastern Creek Skid Pan)

Super Modified
1 34.6 M.Hiscoe (evomick)
2 36.6 P.Heafey (philh)
3 38.4 D.Finnimore (fin)

Highly Modified
1 33.5 J.Malkovich (malko)
2 38.1 A.Wade (Beeble)
3 38.2 O.Zaberca (zabi)

1 34.2 E.Yip (Edi-no-son)
2 34.7 G.Tjandra (SideG)
3 35.5 S.Stewart (SAS)

1 36.5 T.Long (tob11)
2 38.3 J.Mischkonigg (PyRoMaNiAc)
3 39.2 R.Verner (fixed)

Restricted Modified
1 35.5 D.Pennicook (davegp)
2 39.5 G.Holloway (evofox)
3 39.7 J.McGowan (joshmc10000)