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– Words: Ryan Lewis & Jason Hanif. Photos: Sebastian Voll.

Another month chalked up means another local JDM Style Tuning meet. This time around it was suburban workshop MPS Garage playing host for the Sydney crew. A tonne of cars rolled into the complex over the course of the day and as usual there was plenty to look at. Here’s our quick recap of what went down.

Huge meets of late have been a big talking point on the JDMST message boards, but this month returned to the smaller,  comfortable style that makes these catchups so enjoyable.

Serdar’s EK Civic hasn’t been seen a lot of late. It’s a work in progress and a colour change is on the cards. His new TE37s are looking fine.

Under the hood it’s a neat K-series swap.

Autostyle’s R35 was out looking good in black on black.

Red is not a colour you often see on FD RX-7s, but it suits the shape to a tee. Buddy Club wheels look tidy on this one.

Peter’s FD is a regular at these meets. Representation from the rotary crowd was strong this month with an FC just off to the left of frame!

Our mate Dennis has owned his Lexus IS250 for a little over a year now. A simple drop in height with the right set of wheels is all this platform needs to take care of your daily duties.

Infamous Crew have released the first car under their new brand, and it’s created a stir. The VIP Modular wheels sit snugly tucked away in the guards of Alfa’s Accord Euro.

Hate ’em or love ’em, these wheels attract all sorts of attention. Props to Alfa and the Built To Order crew for doing something unique out here.

Will’s Cappucino gets out to nearly every Sydney event. Committed!

SW20s deserve more love. Toyota’s bold MR coupe has heaps of potential.

Another shot of Alfa Rein’s Accord Euro. The unique colour is a factory Honda offering that changes under different light.

This was the first time that the MPS Garage complex has been used for an EOMM, but the location worked out well.

Bonnet pins and dash gauges give a little away about the 4E-FTE conversion in this Starlet! Awesome car.

That’s about it for this months coverage. Drop us a line and tell us which was your standout car. We’ll see you all at next months meet!