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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Since 2005, every month’s end has seen a get together for the JDM Style Tuning community. Rain, hail or shine these meets go ahead, and numbers have grown. This month, we dropped by to catch up with the cars and the community that represent Sydney in the online and offline worlds.

Behind a computer screen individuals can take on any persona, but the End Of Month Meet (EOMM) setup gets people socialising face to face and exchanging knowledge about all things cars.

Well fitted cars continue to dominate the monthly meets, with owners continually aiming to perfect their stance. This S15 caught our eye demonstrating how a static drop with decent fitment can transform the overall look of any car.

It’s not all for show though, this late model FN2R Honda Civic was carrying functional modifications too, not limited to the wing extension it had.

Peeking behind the Advan Racing RGII wheels was a shock for on-lookers, with big AMG calipers hinting at further performance work under the bonnet.

A number of FD RX-7s were out on the day. Here’s one that caught our attention, with CR-Kais and simple mods to enhance the classic body lines.

Sergio’s new S15 proved a crowd favourite on the day. Can’t go wrong with SSRs, Vertex Ridge and a pair of Brides.

Finished in Midnight Purple III, Sergio’s paintwork gives off a range of hues from purple to blue with the occasional tinge of bronze. Quite possibly a photographers worse nightmare, yet beautiful in person.

Did we mention that it’s built on a stroked 2.2-litre bottom end?

Sergio plans to put the car to good use by further improving performance with aerodynamic enhancements. We’ll keep a close eye on its progress.

Reggie’s NA8 Clubman has been seen in a couple of track day updates lately. He’s never been one to leave his cars in the garage.

Alan’s 350Z looks purposeful over its TE37s. Last we heard it had a more-or-less straight through exhaust on it making one mighty noise.

Sydney put on a show of blue skies and warm weather for this year’s final summer EOMM, encouraging plenty of forum members to come out during the day.

This month, Temple Dogs MMA in Glendenning, played host to the February meet.  Plenty of entertainment on hand with the open shop, music and a BBQ available for forum members.

This may be the last time we’ll see Chuey’s R34 GT-R out in public under his ownership. He currently has his pride and joy up for sale. Leave a comment below if you are interested.

Our T-LD stickers have been rolling out the door, this particular one travelling with Michael to Queensland and back. Supplies are beginning to run low on our original design, so be sure to visit our online shop to score your own!

Another S15 with Enkei RP01s looking classic in white on white.

We won’t get tired of tough JZX100s; the more the merrier.

Aus-Zoku members bring some of the most unique cars to the JDMST meets including this fantastic second-gen Toyota Mark II.

Khoa’s turbo Mirage showed up with clip on Japanese plates, the contents of which are bound to catch the attention of authorities. If the intercooler didn’t give it away, now you know.

Mitsubishi Evos showed in force, easily outnumbering any other make and model at the meet. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular; minimal mods can still create a super tough looking car, which we love.

Clean example of an Evolution 8MR, setup to handle street duties and occasional track bashings.

Seeing an AUDM vehicle at any JDM Style Tuning meet is a rare occurrence, but this Commodore is different to most. Due to its parking spot we couldn’t grab any further shots of the car’s overall look, but you can just see the kind of stance we’re dealing with in the shot above. You can view it in plenty of other angles inside the JDM Style Tuning forum. Scroll down and we’ll take a closer look at the wheels.

What appear to be Work VS-XXs are best described as quoted by the owner – “Here’s the deal. They’re a Work Brombacher which is a limited wheel done by Work for Porsche fitment only, made up of a Meister lip with a VS-XX face/hardware. Work made a limited run of these for BMW fitment so I snapped them up. So basically, they’re a VS-XX with a stepped lip. It’s too complicated explaining every time so I just say VS-XX!”.

Another shot of our favourite Honda from the day, showing off the big brake kit.

Here’s a clear shot of the FN2R’s wing extension. Even though this was our favourite Honda on the day, we’re still not completely sold on the rear of the FN2R model in general. Maybe time will tell.

As usual with all end of month meets lately, cars were lined up and down the complex, overflowing into the surrounding complex and side streets.

RC cars are always roaming the recent meets. This month was no different.

Adrian’s Initial D style AE86 features the renown panda paintwork and tofu shop decal. Our friends over at Cars For Hope recently did a full feature on the car which is definitely worth a read.

Aftermarket wheels for stock-bodied Suzuki Cappucinos are not easy to find out here, but this one has it sorted! Such a clean, cool little kei car.

Another clean FD RX-7 from the day, this platform is proving to be a timeless shape which we’ll continue to admire.

Looking at this Mark II in more detail you appreciate all the unique touches. Our favourites have to be the headlight covers.

External oil coolers like this one are all about nostalgic charm.

Last time we saw this 1200 Coupe was at All Japan Day, but it’s seen a few changes since then including the headlight tinting.

Tidy DC5 Integra looking classic in black over bronze.

Sticker placement can be tricky business! Plenty of planning must’ve gone into this display of support.

The mysterious JTYPE brand has one of the best sticker designs out there.

Fitment on this S15 looks proper chunky and we quite like it.

The Bodyform ‘KSR’ GT-R always grabs the limelight when it turns up. Since first making its first appearance in semi-finished form at our first Birthday Bash, Steve’s GT-R has continued to be a crowd favourite.

Overall, this month saw a strong attendance. Numbers are growing and so is the quality and diversity of cars. For those international readers who aren’t familiar with the JDM Style Tuning boards, we suggest you head over to the forum and introduce yourself. For those in Sydney, we’ll see you at the end of next month!