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The term 356 Outlaw was given to the Emory’s in the early 80’s because they installed race and rally inspired accessories to vintage Porsches.

This was at a time when complete restorations were at their peak and owners were literally cleaning out the dust in between every panel.

Whilst that was happening, Emory Motorsports were putting wide wheels and race numbers on their 356’s and driving them the way that Porsche intended them to be driven.

Today, Emory Motorsports continue to build 356 Outlaws for clients all over the world just like this one. Cosmetic changes to the cars are done to bare sheet metal with wheel arches lifted, drop rails removed, B-pillars fattened, and gills added to enable the oil cooler and engine to breathe.

Engine modifications are also carried out to transform the 60HP Porsches to 200HP with close-ration gearboxes, new suspension and upgraded brakes.

The Outlaws are a stunning package, and in addition to the cost of a 356 itself, getting the Emory treatment will set you pack $175,000 USD to $250,000 USD.