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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Philip Nguyen.

“Stick to the classics.” Over the last few years that has become my own personal mantra, and lately that phrase has influenced what we do here at  It’s wild to think that we’ve been running for almost three years, and boy how the landscape of car culture globally has changed in that short time – not least of all right here in our hometown of Sydney. As we kick off 2013 and look forward to our fourth year in the real world, we thought it high time that we re-introduce the team as it stands now and offer some insight into what we have in store. It’s going to be big.

More than ever what we do here is about the people. That was why THE-LOWDOWN started and it’s why we keep on doing it. In the early days we basically knew everyone who was reading our blog. Today we have over 30,000 people following us on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe looking at the stuff we publish. That’s pretty daunting! It seems important, then, that we make sure you know who we are. The last thing we want is to be is faceless, so first up here’s a little bit about our team.

That’s me. My name is Ryan Lewis and I’m crazy about Japan. I work as the editor of three motoring magazines here in Sydney. I write most of the content that you read on this website, occasionally take a few photos and generally filter my obsession with cars through to you guys.

This is Jason. Whenever you see a photo credited to MJ Digital on this site, you can bet that it was taken by him. He’s the main man behind the lens here at T-LD, as well as the biggest player behind the scenes. If you’ve ever bought a sticker or written us an e-mail, this is the man who looked after you.

Adam is probably the worst (or best?) perfectionist of us all with his keen eye for detail. He’s been supporting what we do from the very start, and although he likes to keep a low profile he has owned some amazing cars. He goes where the action is, so keep an eye out for him.

The most recent addition to our crew is Michael Zomaya. His blue Evo in the background has caused a stir lately, and he’s someone we’ve become good friends with while we’ve watched the build. Zomaya is on board to take care of business as we continue to grow and partner with other like-minded brands.

All four of us are more than happy to be approached if you see us at events. Come up and have a chat, ask us to take a photo of your car , pick up a sticker, whatever. We’re nothing without a healthy scene to surround us so keep us on our toes. The list above doesn’t mention all the contributors who also send in their photos and content for the blog. Huge thanks to all of them, many of whom are being recognised internationally for their talents.

It doesn’t matter how you came to be reading this, you guys the ones we want to thank for keeping us going for this long. We’ve put in more late nights and weekends than I care to think about over the last three years, and 2013 is the year of putting wheels in motion for a bunch of dreams we’ve had.

In the very near future we’ll have more merchandise available in our shop. It’s always crazy when someone asks us how they can get a t-shirt with our logo on it, but pretty soon you will be able to.

Most exciting for us this year will be the return of Showcased for it’s second episode. That announcement is still a few months away, but be aware that it is coming. We’re already working on the specifics and can’t wait to share it with you.

On the blog itself you’ll see so much new content starting to show up. We have a whole mess of cars to highlight for you over the next few months and some cars currently in the build that we’re watching with a keen eye.

We’ve been challenged and inspired in recent months with the start-up of so many new blogs/brands/websites/Facebook pages. It honestly becomes hard to keep track. We’re living in a strange time where all of us are sharing the same medium for getting out our ideas, but it’s exciting and motivating to see what great new stuff people are coming up with. There’s a younger generation ruling the airwaves. Individuals can gain global notoriety overnight. People are more educated and more opinionated than ever before.

We’re always open to your feedback, in fact we really want to hear what you have to say. Start a conversation with us on our contact page. Tell us what you want, what you think, what’s good and what sucks.

I guess what we really want to say is thanks for sticking with us. This year we’re looking to step things up and tick off a few more big plans. We like to think that we’ll always be able to go back to basics, and keep the integrity that has worked for us from the start. That’s our dream for the next stage, that we’ll be able to elevate what we do but still stay true to our roots. Cliche or not, you have to know where you come from and we’re just a bunch of car guys who love the lifestyle and respect the culture. THE-LOWDOWN is our channel, and we want to share it with all of you. Stay tuned.