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Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Melvin Tang

Behind the scenes we’ve been on a bit of a Volkswagen Auto Group bent lately. I’m sure that will show over the next few weeks as we post up the fresh features we have cooking away. To kick it off here is a selection of shots from the very first Dub-stitute show in Melbourne. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating that Dubbers know how to do it right. The worldwide VW scene is quite probably the most vibrant and unique of all. We should all take a leaf out of their book!

Over 100 cars turned out for the show just south of the Yarra River at Como Park. It was a scorching hot day even by Aussie standards, but that never seems to matter.

Since Dub-stitute was organised through the VWWatercooled forum we expected mostly late model VeeDubs, but a surprising number of vintage air-cooled cars also made it in.

Background music for the show was taken care of at this official looking tent. Sombreros optional.

We have never seen anything quite like this custom Beetle front-end. Definitely unique, but also pretty wacky. Not sure whether we like it or not yet.

Rotiform wheels are not commonplace down-under, so this Golf really took our eye. What’s more, this MK4 is a genuine R32, the first of the Golf range to wear that badge.

Made in limited numbers for Australia, the R32 took what the MK3 VR6 started and turned up the wick. We’d have one in a heartbeat. Believe it or not this one was sporting red P plates!

The award for ‘Best Stance’ went to this MK1. I had a set of Zender Turbos just like these on my first car.

It turned up to Dub-stitute on the back of a ute as the owner hasn’t been able to clear ride height defect notices. Respect.

Here’s another angle of the red Beetle shown at the top. Perfect wheel and tyre combo.

We’re not sure about the spider on the dash, but everything else in here was squeaky clean. A well-loved example.

Tuning house, APR, brought their track-ready Golf R to the park. It’s brimming with go fast bits including a full cage – so impressive in a brand new car.

‘Car Of The Show’ went to this Polo GTi.

Makes sense when you learn that the owner, Troy, has dropped over $20k into it since initial purchase.

Gorgeous BBS rims cover a ridiculous set of Porsche brakes. What’s not to love?

Melbournites love their bicycles, so I guess this makes sense too. Neat looking Polo!

No light visible under your car? You’re doing it right.

How one acquires Audi R8 wheels is a question we would like to ask the owner of this VW Eos.

All we know is they look pretty nuts tucked under the arches in a way that only a bagged car can muster.

Thanks to the Volkswagen Club Of Victoria for supporting Dub-stitute this year. See you next time!