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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: William Stern.

Little else compares to the feeling when that super rare part finally becomes yours. Every car modifier can relate to it, there’s always a list of things in the back of our minds we’re subtly seeking out. Kevin chose to create his own good fortune, heading direct to ADV.1 for a set of of one-off wheels built to drag race. Safe to say you won’t find another Supra like his.

Supra’s have had a huge impact on the drag racing scene in America. Kevin’s is unique in a few ways, most notably as a right-hand drive Japanese import.

Under the bonnet the twin turbo setup is long gone, replaced by a Precision Turbo GT42-76 big single. Add HKS cams up top and it’s good for 700hp to the ground.

Kevin’s passion for quarter-mile racing led him to a much more aggressive wheel and tyre combo. These huge Mickey Thompson drag slicks needed something special to fill them up.

ADV.1 came to the party, spinning up a custom-made set of ADV05S to meet Kevin’s specs. “Oh you didn’t know we make 15s? Yeah, we just¬†advertise the normally requested popular sizes but there’s almost nothing we can’t do,” said Jordan from ADV.1.

Sizes were unique to Kevin’s application. The frontrunners are three-piece 17×4.5in while the rears are two-piece 15x10s. Brakes were switched to Strange Engineering rotors and callipers.

Jordan from ADV.1 said, “I could be wrong here but to me this is the sickest thing we’ve ever done. I don’t know, I just love this project.”

Such a tough looking car needs the right wheels to set it off, and these definitely seal the deal. No stretched tyres to be found.