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The Ducati draXter is a concept bike that is based on the XDiavel series, which was first shown at Verona’s Motor Bike Expo earlier this year.

The all new conceptĀ interprets the XDiavel from a sports viewpoint. The project was developed by the Ducati Style Center’s Advanced Design area, a section dedicated to exploring the future style and design concepts of Ducati bikes.

Their ideas and sketches have allowed the Ducati prototype department to come up with the “draXter”, starting from a standard production XDiavel.

The heart of the “draXter” is that of an extreme dragster with premium racing components. This is particularly evidentĀ in the suspension and brakes, taken directly from the 1299 Panigale Superbike.

This styling exercise has accentuated the lines and proportions of the XDiavel making them more extreme than ever and turning the “draXter” into a unique, breath-taking supersport.

The number 90 on the side of the Ducati “draXter” recalls the racing world, yet also pays homage to Ducati’s 90th anniversary, being celebrated this year.