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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Nissan’s famous Midnight Purple could well be the most iconic factory colour to ever come out of Japan. Looking at these photos, it’s not hard to see why. Sydneysider, Derek, is the proud owner of this super clean, and tastefully modified, R34 GT-R. We took some time recently to capture it’s immaculate paintwork.

Derek bought his GT-R back in 2008. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most immaculate R34s in Australia. The car’s previous owner brought it to our shores as a personal import after owning it for five years in Japan. As an enthusiast, he had kept it in completely original condition. Before picking it up, Derek had been getting about in an EVO 8 MR, but he wanted something universally recognisable. This Skyline was the obvious choice.

The GT-R colour seen here is actually Midnight Purple III – the third incarnation of Nissan’s most famous duco. It was only available for the 2000 model year, and less than 200 are said to have been coated in it. After six months of searching for the right car, it was obvious to Derek that this was it.

Current mod list includes:

– Zeal Function XS Coilovers
– 19×11 SSR Professor SP1s
– Mine’s Bell-mouth Dump Pipes
– Mine’s Silence VX Pro Front Pipes
– Kakimoto Fullmega N1 Exhaust

With the help of a few friends there is plenty more in store for Derek’s GT-R, but a tight lid is being kept on the details. It will definitely be worth waiting for!


  • David says:

    those aren’t his mods anymore… check out his build on JDMST.
    Best GTR out on the streets. A mix of USDM (from the wheels) and JDM!

  • Michael says:

    Those photo’s do so much justice for this colour! Very well put together!

  • Gorilla says:

    Love it!! Dereks done a great job!! Good job with the feature too….i bet the colour is hard to shoot?? 😛

  • Mike says:

    Love that colour. Turned out really well too. so when’s the next Midnight purple booked in for a shoot? :p

  • john says:

    saw this tank today at my mates garage NICEEE!!!

  • Lucas says:

    i would really like to communicate with the owner on this car. The Paint is absolutely what im looking for. I want to paint my R35 this color

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