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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

It’s almost festive season again! We’ve just rolled our calendars over to the last month of the year, and that means a whole stack events from various groups are just about to happen before the festive season clicks into high gear. One of our Aussie affiliates, ClubITR, were first to kick off celebrations for this year, and it was a scorcher of a day!

The ClubITR Annual BBQ is one of the main events of the year for the forum community, and no doubt one that most forum members look forward too and get their cars ready for.

Brandon’s DC2R was one of the first to catch our eye. The car has been setting a number of records for Hondas on local racetracks, built and tuned by BYP brothers Benny and Jimmy.

This year’s location was similar to last, down by the water in Lane Cove on the outskirts of Sydney’s CBD. A slight location switch this time allowed for specific models to park together, giving us a DC2 vs DC5 showdown.

Facelift versus non facelift, we had a hard time deciding amongst ourselves which DC5 we’d take based on aesthetics.

CCWs are still are rare sight here in Sydney, so it’s welcoming to see them on this DC5R. TE37’s are a perfect match for almost any car, and look especially clean on the DC5 pictured to the right.

Plenty of people braved the scorching summer temperature to be there.

Another white DC5R, this one sporting a set of gold Regamasters.

One of the most classic wheels designs of all time.

Built To Order’s matte white EG K20 Civic could be spotted kilometers away with the current colour combination.

Quality products all ’round including a Backyard Special front lip, Bride driver seat, Recaro passenger seat, Chasebay’s wire tuck and plenty more. The pink roll cage, rocker cover and bracing really set the car off.

Being a demo car for Built To Order, wheel choice would have been the most crucial decision for owner, Tarik. A set of two piece VIP Modular wheels were custom made in a matte pink finish to promote the business. It’s currently the front cover car for one of our locally published magazines, Hot4’s.

Back to Brandon’s DC2R, the custom guards have been flared out, assisting that front splitter you can see in the image above. Paperweight carbon doors meet a stripped interior; every possible weight saving technique has been thought of, and executed.

The supercharged K20/K24A engine has a forged bottom end and K20A head with TSX (CL9) cams. We’ll take a closer look at the transplant and car along with the work BYP boys Benny and Jimmy have done to it in the near future.

Super clean in black, this DC5 was looking tidy over a set of staggered BBS wheels.

More Regamasters were to be found on this yellow DC2 Integra.

Of all the DC5s out on the day, this one was the most track orientated.

Gorgeous Volk CE28s and other big dollar upgrades, like the AP Racing brakes, made up the package.

Models were sorted by chassis and colour, here we have a line-up of yellow DC2R’s, the second from last with a JDM front-end conversion.

Here’s a closer look at those CCWs on a neat DC5.

Wheels like that should lead you to look at the brakes behind them, and this unique Buddy Club setup doesn’t disappoint.

For our money any DC2R looks better with the Japanese front-end. Classic looks.

Perfect white on white combination that we had to share, can’t go wrong with an S-Chassis and TE37’s.

Forum members who made the trip out had the chance to win a whole lot of prizes donated by stores and workshops.

There were so many prizes that the chances of winning were great! All money raised was donated to charity.

Another S15 out on the day; this time Dale’s custom Vertex Ridge widebody S15 fabricated by Bodyform.

It also happens to be matte white and rolling around on Built To Order wheels with ideal fitment.

Circuit Club head honcho, Narada, is a red-blooded Honda fan, so naturally we found him hanging around on the day.

Current forum owner, Felix Alim, took over management of ClubITR in 2011. This mint JDM front DC2R belongs to him.

Over $2000 worth of gear was given away through the raffle, and $800 raised for Cars For Hope.

The initiative behind Cars For Hope is to help raise awareness about depression. They had a number of promotions running on the day to get the word out around their cause.

Felix would like to thank all members of his forum, ClubITR, and the sponsors for their ongoing support. If you’re a Honda and ITR enthusiast, be sure to check out ClubITR. We highly recommend our readers to also check out Cars For Hope and their initiative.