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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

Infamy surrounds any car with the letters AMG and numbers 63 on the back, but put the words ‘Black Series’ next to them, and you’ve reached another level. With press coverage the world over, these Mercedes models are coveted by men and boys alike – and it’s not unwarranted. One look and you know that this is a special car; the flared arches, carbon vents and huge brakes. Mercedes created a monster when they launched these machines, so why wouldn’t we want to check one out?

Recently, we received a callout from the team over at Queen Street Customs, but this was the last vehicle we expected to greet us on arrival. It sat next to a brand new Nissan GT-R and a Bentley Continental, but given the option of taking one of these cars out, it had to be the AMG. Here’s our one on one insight.

If it wasn’t already clear, this is a Mercedes Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series. As if the regular AMG version wasn’t wild enough, the Black Series ups the ante. Powered by a 6.2-litre V8, this CLK on steroids will do 0-100 in just 4.3 seconds. A limited number of fifty cars were destined for our shores, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on this one for a day.

To look at this side-by-side with a regular CLK63 AMG, you would notice all of the Black Series enhancements. On it’s own you know that it’s a CLK, but something isn’t quite right.

Take a step around to the back and the first thing you’ll see is all the carbon fibre aero including an aggressively designed and hand-crafted rear diffuser. The quad exhaust tips are carried over from the AMG, but the rest of the system is upgraded – a serious bit of kit, and we approve.

The 19 inch forged wheels fill out the flared wheel arches and widened guards. Adjustable coil over springs from factory allow the driver to specify a number of suspension settings, notably the ride height, compression and rebound of the shocks.

Open up the bonnet and you’re staring at an unmistakable AMG engine, this one housing 373kW. The owner of the car only had a few words to sum up his ownership experience. “It’s not for the faint-hearted, traction control should never be turned off!”

Each motor is assigned one engineer at the German headquarters to see the project through. The quality of fit and finish is a showcase for AMG as a brand.

To symoblise its unique status, each engine cover also comes with its own nameplate for true exclusivity. Generally, owners of these vehicles intend on keeping them as a collectable item. We wouldn’t mind displaying one in our garage.

The concept behind the release of the Black Series was for Mercedes to provide a car that’s essentially a track car, which can also be used on the road. This is reiterated throughout the car with its visible aero adjustments and carbon substitutes in both the exterior and interior. Whilst their objective is valid, we wouldn’t exactly be in a rush to go out and buy one. Chances are that it’ll rarely see the road.

The note of this V8 is an aural masterpiece, and the highlight of driving the car. No doubt you’re keen to hear the engine note yourself, so we’d suggest a visit to the official AMG web page.