– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

When the mid-week stresses of life catch up with us, there aren’t too many ways we can think of spending our afternoon, other than being out on the track to let off some steam. That’s exactly what we spent our afternoon doing this past Thursday.

This months round of Circuit Club saw the first of two rounds closer to home for most drivers and spectators, who were treated to a spectacular sunset over Eastern Creek. Thanks to the guys over at Advan, this round was filled out thanks to their 2 for 1 deal. Spotted out on the track was the BYP boys landing the quickest time of the night (01:44:22) despite having intercooler piping problems with their new daily E85 run Evo 8, Hassan’s first time Eastern Creek run Evo 9, Elliot’s S2000, another new addition to BYP with Johns new Lotus and as always, great to see Mitch’s NA6 MX-5 putting down consistent times and runs.

The Circuit Club series consists of monthly track days, so be sure to visit their site where you can make bookings for upcoming events. In the meantime though, check out all the action and lap-times below, and be sure to leave your thoughts with us!

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Driver		Car			Laptime		Gap
Jimmy Tran	Mitsubishi Evo 8	01:44.22
Nelson Lee	Honda Integra		01:48.31	00:04.09
Michael Posa	Mazda RX3		01:51.15	00:06.93
Dominic Rosso	0			01:52.09	00:07.87
Cristy Stevens	Mazda RX7		01:53.33	00:09.11
Alan Bozunovic	BMW 135i		01:54.24	00:10.02
Brett Lansley	Mazda MX5		01:54.77	00:10.55
Wing Wong	Nissan Silvia		01:54.83	00:10.61
Yasutaka N	Honda S2000		01:55.03	00:10.81
John Tran	Lotus Elise		01:55.97	00:11.75
Michael Hill	Nissan Skyline		01:56.15	00:11.93
Sam Wood	VW Golf GTI		01:56.29	00:12.07
Michael O'C	Ford Falcon		01:56.39	00:12.17
Sam Matandos	Nissan Silvia		01:56.70	00:12.48
Adam Phipps	Mitsubishi Galant VR	01:57.08	00:12.86
Hassan Aly				01:58.27	00:14.05
Eric Yamashita	Nissan Skyline GTR	01:58.51	00:14.29
Lorry Gatt				01:58.66	00:14.44
Joe Matandos	Holden Monaro		01:58.89	00:14.67
Jeff Johnson	Mitsubishi Evo 6 TME	01:59.25	00:15.03
Glenn Walker	Ford EA Salon Car	01:59.70	00:15.48
Ricky Yeung				02:00.19	00:15.97
Kevin Tran	Honda Integra		02:00.80	00:16.58
Steven Poon	Nissan S14		02:01.24	00:17.02
Patrick Hamilton	Nissan Skyline	02:02.62	00:18.40
John Mills	BMW M3			02:02.65	00:18.43
Mitch Mathieson	Mazda MX5		02:02.84	00:18.62
Jeremy Moore	Nissan S13 180SX	02:03.61	00:19.39
Omar Nahlous	BMW M3			02:03.71	00:19.49
Daniel  Levine	Mazda RX8		02:03.90	00:19.68
Oscar Paterson	Mitsubishi Evo IX	02:04.15	00:19.93
Michael L	Mitsubishi CB Lancer	02:04.38	00:20.16
Nick Najdov	VW Golf GTI		02:04.75	00:20.53
Matt Wilmot	Mazda MX5		02:04.87	00:20.65
Tony Ta		Honda Civic Type R	02:05.92	00:21.70
Mark C.		Mazda RX3		02:07.02	00:22.80
Jamie Waddell	Subaru GD WRX		02:07.04	00:22.82
Adrian You	MR2			02:07.90	00:23.68
Will Sherratt	Nissan S13 180SX	02:08.59	00:24.37
Daryl Granger	Nissan S12 Gazelle	02:09.46	00:25.24
Kevin Youngman	Toyota RT142 Corona	02:09.59	00:25.37
Peter Wong	Honda Civic Type R	02:10.12	00:25.90
James MacDonald	Ford Falcon XR6T	02:10.61	00:26.39
Tony Dimovski	BMW E36 320i		02:10.72	00:26.50
Regino De G	Mazda MX5		02:11.36	00:27.14
Antonio I.	Honda Accord Euro	02:12.74	00:28.52
Steven Baker	Toyota AE71 Corolla	02:12.93	00:28.71
Steven Sarrutia	Subaru WRX Sti		02:13.97	00:29.75
Alon Cohen	Mazda MX5		02:14.71	00:30.49
Johnny Wong	Nissan Silvia S13	02:18.13	00:33.91
Maxwell Chiu	Toyota MR2		02:19.04	00:34.82
Jae Bong	Honda Integra		02:19.38	00:35.16
Stuart Lees	Toyota SW20 MR2		02:22.44	00:38.22
Tom Gollob	Subaru Impreza		02:32.14	00:47.92
Justin Moore	Toyota KE20 Corolla




  1. Excellent photos and great coverage as always guys. It’s always nice to get home from after a trackday and check out some action shots 🙂

  2. Awesome shots once again, love the night pit shots.
    Circuit Club should be sponsoring you guys for coverage like this!