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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Kory Leung.

Public holidays are wonderful things. One less day of work in your week, and one extra day of fun on the weekend! What better way to spend them than out on the track with a field of like-minded petrolheads? The east coast of Australia revelled in a holiday last Monday, so Circuit Club made sure that Wakefield Park was available for drivers to get out and enjoy.

Present on the day was a mixed bag of cars and owners. Prestige European marques like Mercedes and Porsche were represented, as were locally built machines and the standard fleet of Japanese performance cars. The winter Goulburn weather was bitterly cold, which the turbocharged cars took full advantage of.

We spent the day track-side to capture some of the action. It was great to meet the drivers we haven’t seen before, and to watch as lots of the more experienced drivers bettered their previous lap times.

Circuit Club events are always well run, so if you don’t need to spend your next holiday fixing the car, we highly recommend you take it out to the track. Everyone is welcome!

For now, enjoy the rest of these shots from Monday. You can check out the full lap times and more images over at Circuit Club.