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Relic. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘a person or thing that has survived from an earlier time but is now outdated’…well Arthur’s Camaro may very well be from an earlier time, but 750 real-wheel horsepower is certainly not an ‘outdated’ figure. 

A Frankenstein of sorts, Arthur’s Camaro started life out in 1967 as General Motors’ response to the increasingly popular Ford Mustang. This first-generation Camaro was made available in both a 5.7L and 6.5L big block V8 engine – displacements that now seem unbelievable in an industry characterised by downsizing and emissions restrictions. 

Arthur’s Camaro pays homage to this golden era of big displacement with a modern twist…but we’ll get to that.



With the factory quoting a rough output of 330 horsepower in a frame weighing around 1,500kg, the Camaro was no slouch back in 67’, but in a modern world of turbochargers and weight-saving materials, Arthur’s original Camaro would start to show signs of its age. 

That’s why Arthur decided to create a monster that would more than double the original horsepower figures…enough to make any modern muscle car shiver. 

The Camaro’s 750 horses are harvested from a Supercharged 6.2L V8 LSA ripped out of a wrecked 2015 Holden HSV VF GTS, giving the Camaro the touch of modernity it needed.

“I chose a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro as I didn’t want a car that is common or run of the mill”

Owner Spotlight



Once Arthur’s Camaro got a taste for modern technology, it had a craving for just a bit more. 

This came in the form of a Water/Methanol injection system that helped reduce inlet air temperatures and chances of harmful detonation for the big V8. But why stop there? Throw in a wet Nitrous Oxide System designed specifically for a supercharged engine and a custom camshaft and you’ve got a power output that would be the envy of semi-truck drivers. 

However, this much power doesn’t come without its drawbacks. After the LSA was fitted, the torque exceed the capabilities of the standard 67’ chassis, causing cracks and rust to appear – a fair statement considering it’s a 50+ year-old frame. To remedy this, all new panels were fitted except for the roof skin and floor, and new chassis rails and a reinforced floor were added. 

But, in true Pro Touring style, it’s more than just the powerplant that’s received some modern love…



Styling Cues



At first glance, Arthur’s Camaro carries the same sleek body as the original 67’ Camaro, but upon further inspection there are quite a few parts that certainly didn’t exist back then. 

While it’s now a staple of performance, the Camaros’ carbon fibre mirrors, front lip, spoiler and rear bumper would never have been seen until 1981 when McLaren debut their MP4/1 – the first car with the use of carbon fibre. 

Step inside and the carbon fibre doesn’t stop, with a C=Custom made carbon fiber dash surround, center display and shifter console, and Anvil Auto carbon fibre rear view mirror, A pillars and door sills, because why wouldn’t you want a carbon fibre mirror…

As a car that sees the track often, it’s only fitting to be kitted out with Hotchkis Tubular Control Arms and springs, a set of Bilstein shocks and a solid Brembo 4 pot brake setup in the front and rear.



You might wonder how Arthur’s Camaro is capable of using all the power it’s making.

The answer is a Custom 9” Bosnjak differential with a Truetrac centre that helps maximises traction to the rear wheels. Speaking of wheels is when Arthur’s history of working with Japanese cars starts to show, opting for a tasteful set of Japanese 3-piece SSR Professor Wheels in 18×9 for the front and 18×10 for the rear, wrapped neatly in a set of Yokohama Advan A050 tyres.

However, as you might be able to see, even this meaty setup has to work overtime to begin putting down the power made from the supercharged LSA. 

The cherry on top is a Tremec Gearbox with an S1 Sequential shifter that is not only capable of withstanding the torque from the Camaro, but delivers razor-sharp shifting that helps Arthur chase track times with ease.

“From a young age, I was always into cars and started modifying them before i had a license”




No build is possible without the help of friends and workshops along the way, so Arthur would like to specifically thank Performance Exhaust Centre, SP Mufflers and Sydney Automotive Solutions for the countless hours and hard work put in to make his 67’ Camaro something truly unique. 


  • 6,2L Supercharged LSA engine
  • Custom camshaft
  • Water methanol injection
  • Nitrous oxide wet injection
  • Tremec gearbox with S1 Sequential shifter
  • Twin 3” exhaust with custom-made bimodal SP mufflers and 2 ½” tailpipes


  • Anvil Auto carbon fibre rearview mirror, A-pillars and door sills
  • Factory deluxe seats and door trims
  • Custom-made carbon fibre dash surround, centre display and shifter console


  • Front bumper delete
  • Custom front grill and headlight doors
  • APR carbon fibre side mirrors
  • Blacked out trims
  • Anvil Auto carbon fibre front and rear spoiler and rear bumper


  • Custom 9” Bosnjak diff with Truetrac centre
  • Hotchkis tubular control arms and springs
  • Bilstein shocks
  • Brembo 4pot calipers front and back
  • 3 piece SSR Professor wheels 18×9 front 18×10 rear wrapped in Yokohama Advan A050 tyres
6.2L Supercharged LSA Engine
NOS Wet Injection
Custom Camshaft
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