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– Words: Mitchell Kane. Photos: MJ Digital.

Last weekend Jason and I stopped in at Magic Autoworks to check out one of Australia’s most mental Silvia’s currently in the build process. Brothers, Sergio and Claudio, share a strong passion for cars and the automotive scene, and between the two of them they have owned some wild machines.

Recently, they pulled the plug on an all out FD3S RX7 rebuild which never reached completion. Each individual part was sold off with the exception of a very special set of SSR MS1’s. These SSRs measure 18 inches in diameter with a staggering 13 inches of width at the rear and 10.5 inches at the front. Wheels like these should never go to waste, so another set of drastic modification plans were drawn up. The subject this time was Claudio’s already modified S14a Nissan Silvia.

The dream is to turn it into something that stands out amongst the crowd of Silvias already on our shores, while also being competitive all round in both time attack and drift competition. Accomdating wheels of this stature is no simple task, and involves modifying the already wide fenders for even more clearance. We’re eager to see how they go reaching their goal, so keep an eye out for our updates over the next few weeks until the car is completed. Current specifications are listed below.


Standard SR20 Block
GT2871R Turbo
Spitfire Coils
Apexi PowerFC
Turbosmart E-Boost
Alloy Radiator
Custom Intercooler
Larger Oil Cooler
Power Steering Cooler
Reinhard Exhaust System
Nismo 700cc Injectors
External Surge Tank


Custom Fuel Cell Installation
Boot Holes & Pancel Closed Off
Custom Rear Tubs
Custom Weld-in Half Cage
Custom Front Strut Towers (30mm UP, 40mm OUT)
Custom Front Strut Tower Reinforcement
Engine Bay Seam Welded


Vertex Front Bar
Vertex Side Skirts
OEM Rear Bar
Custom Rear Widebody (100mm)
Custom Front Widebody (70mm)
Custom Front Diffuser
Custom Front Canards
Custom Side Splitters
Custom Rear Canards
Custom Rear Diffuser


Driftworks CS2 Coilovers
Driftworks Racing Knuckles
Driftworks Steering Offset Spacers
Driftworks 4 Arm Kit
Driftworks Solid Subframe Mounts
Driftwords Solid Diff Mounts
Yanack Steering Collar Kit
Nimso Power Brace
Whiteline Adjustable Swaybars
Uras Tie Rods
Supernow Tie Rod Links
Supernow Swaybar Brackets
Modified Front Coilover Mounting (30/40)
Modified Front LCA Mounting (35/15)


SSR MS1 18×10.5 -8
SSR MS1 18X13 -19

All modifications, installations and fabrication are currently being carried out by Magic Autoworks.