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As I write this, there’s only 39 days separating Australia’s red blooded car fans and some of the world’s best time attack machines. The event is SuperLap, and one such machine competing on behalf of NSW’s finest is this EG Civic built by BYP.

Never before has the world seen an event like the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge. Hosted by Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway on May 21st and 22nd, fans at the track will be able to see the best of Australia’s purpose built time attack monster’s going head to head with some of the finest from Japan and the United States.

Over the last couple of years, Jimmy and the team from BYP have forged themselves a strong reputation with class victory in the NSW Supersprint Championship, and eleventh place overall. The gold BYP EG broke records and set a high benchmark with it’s built hybrid B20 VTEC motor. Nowadays it’s a very different machine with a brand new K24 motor from an Accord Euro, Lexan windows throughout, custom roll cage and enhancements of every other component.

The Lowdown have been big fans of this car since it’s early days competing in NSW. With it’s entry into the open class at the upcoming WTAC, we spoke with the team about following their progress in the lead up to the event. Below are a few shots from a recent shakedown at Wakefield Park. In the next couple of weeks we hope to feature the team with an in depth profile of the car itself, as well as the people who have put everything into it’s construction.

There’s no doubt that this Civic will be a serious competitor on the day, and we’re sure that it’s not just us here at The Lowdown who are keen to see how it unfolds!