– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

Lets set the scene. Warm weather, crisp blue skies, longer lasting days and rays of sunshine. Our home town Sydney is currently at the peak of its summer season right now, so we thought it’d be a great opportunity to take full advantage and round up a few of the latest cars to come out of the Built To Order clan. Here’s the outcome.

National wheel supplier, Built To Order, has been around for well over a year now, and every car to come out of their stable has been equally impressive with spot on fitment.

First up, we’ve got Christian Todd’s HSV Maloo. You’ll often see a HSV rolling around with aftermarket wheels here in Australia, but never on three piece VIP Modular, unless it’s this one of course. Christian’s got himself the only set on a HSV, though we hope to see more examples in the near future.

The EG Civic may be a small car, but this one isn’t to be under-estimated, there’s a K20 under that bonnet. Throw in Spoon four-pot front calipers, Bride Low Max seats, a roll-cage and you’re bound for a tonne of fun.

Pink accents throughout the whole car add nice characteristics and grab a whole lot of attention (and questions) when owner Tarik Aly is behind the wheel.

Dale Coghlan’s S15 is wider than your average Vertex Ridge, just to accommodate for those custom 19 x 10 front and 19 x 12 inch wheels. The matte finish is a nice raw effect that we’ve really come to love. Another work of art aesthetically to come out from the Bodyform workshop.

Up next, Kevin Smith’s WRX. Less is more and Kevin’s is on point. The wing’s been de-badged with a fresh teal on silver colour combo.

You couldn’t get greater diversity than these two, which is why it’s great to see them both rolling on quality forged two and three piece wheels, respectively.

Having the duo side-by-side also made for some outright grunt testing. JDM K20 versus pure-bred Aussie muscle. Call us fan boys, but the ~9000rpm VTEC kicking Honda does it for us.

Christian’s putting in some work under the bonnet soon for the HSV, so we may have to re-assess our previous statement in a few months time.

Having the crew rolling around together outlined the vision behind Built To Order. These are all different makes, models and genre’s of cars, but given the right custom set and colour of wheels, they all stand out, uniquely. Plenty of passers were kept entertained, especially by the Civic.

Tarik, owner of this Civic and co-owner of Built To Order with brother, Hassan is content on the future of Built To Order. “Given enough time, I think the quality, diversity and unique aspect of our wheels will outshine many other offerings in today’s market”. As the saying goes, time will tell. Chip in below and tell us which Built To Order car from this set is your favourite.


  1. that EG!! digging the pure style. and I’m dying to see those blacked out headlights and corners lit up