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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: John Zhang.

If there’s one thing the international modified car scene has over ours, it has to be diversity. I could rattle off a list of the popular platforms dominating our local shows, but you already know what they are, because here in Australia few people choose stray outside the tried and true. That’s not to say that we don’t appreciate a broad spectrum of cars – those oddball builds do exist – but we tend to play it safe more often than not. Across the other side of the globe, however, things are quite a bit different. Eddie’s BMW Z4M Coupe is exactly what we’re talking about.

I honestly can’t remember ever seeing a worked Z4 on our shores. Car prices in the US make the prospect a lot more inviting, not to mention the ready supply of parts, so it’s little wonder you see fine examples like this over there.

Interlagos Blue is a trademark BMW ‘M’ colour, one that our photographer, John, finds particularly pleasing to the eye. “I’ve never truly realised how great Interlagos Blue looks in the sun, but the contrast that this colour gives off just made me want to keep editing. It’s always fun to work with such nice vibrant colours.”

Platte Forme AG in Los Angeles were responsible for much of this build. They setup shop to distribute a range of fine parts from Japan, not to mention high-end European and American gear. Their focus is European cars (search for their E46 M3 time attack car) but they’re not afraid to look further afield when it comes to add-ons and upgrades.

What they’ve ended up creating is a dream JDM/Euro crossover, “Not only does the car function on the track, but it also does double duty on the streets. This is where form meets function,” says John. It’s used on a regular basis both on the street and at the circuit, even putting down a very respectable 2:02m lap at Buttonwillow on street tyres.

The standard Z4 Coupe body hasn’t been compromised. The only real addition is the Varis rear wing, which adds a whole lot to the car’s character, and a carbon front lip also from Varis balancing it out up front. A lightweight exhaust from ARQRAY Japan was fitted to free-up the Coupe’s breathing.

Volk Racing TE37s are the classic choice for any Japanese-influenced car, and there’s nothing they don’t suit. Yet again they look spot on in white against the deep blue duco. Behind them you’ll spot a set of impressive Brembo brakes doing their thing to slow the car down; six piston callipers up front and four piston in the rear, 355mm and 345mm rotors respectively.

According to our shooter, the owner of this Z4M has several other BMWs in his stable, all of which are modified to some degree. As a BMW owner myself I can totally understand the obsession!

One thing we pride ourselves on here is an open mind when it comes to modified cars, so when the time comes to look for your new project, don’t be afraid to think outside the square. Choose your mods well and the results will speak for themselves.