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From Portugal to the streets of London, meet Indira. She’s the latest creation from the master builders out of Ton-Up Garage in Portugal.

Indira is a BMW R80, which has been given a new identity whilst still staying true to its natural lines and shape. That’s a good thing of course, because this bike is no show pony, being used as a daily in the busy streets of London.

The customers request of sitting low to the ground has been met with changes to the rear shocks, whilst the front suspension has been rebuilt and lowered.

Body wise, the subframe has been shortened and a new fuel tank has been used to lower the lines of the bike. A new one off seat has been stitched together and placed into the new subframe.

It’s always the finer details that polish off the overall look of any bike, and Ton-Up Garage hasn’t left any aspect untouched.

A smaller headlight, tailights and indicators have been fitted, whilst the speedo and handlebar switches have received an overhaul to clean the aesthetics of the completely replaced handlebar.

Vintage Firestone Deluxe tyres have been fitted whilst custom crafted headers snake their way through the frame with brown heat wrap and two snarling black reverse cone exhaust pipes.

We’re quite fond of the brown heat wrap too, as the blokes from Ton-Up Garage were able to convince the owner of this R80 that going for a full black colour theme would take away from the natural lines of the R80.

For more information on Ton-Up Garage, visit their website.