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Japanese custom builder Kenji Nagai first opened his workshop in 1990. Since then he has been featured in many custom motorcycle magazines around the world, constantly attracting interest in his creations.

His latest design, otherwise known as ‘Ken’s Factory Special’ was created through a process of trial and error. The bike you see conceals a six-cylinder engine in a modified BMW K 1600 GTL which has been interpreted in a completely different way.

The only retained relations to the original bike are the engine and frame, which relies on hand made aluminium girder-type front forks raked out in chopper style using a modified headstock.

The K 1600 GTL’s original full fairing was replaced by a small aluminium front cowl housing the headlight and the stock rear subframe and seat were replaced by a low positioned aluminium seat.

“At first I had a bagger style in mind that grew out of the tourer image. But simply transforming a tourer into a bagger was a bit too obvious a choice. So I thought of a different approach. I settled on the digger style. The long, thin digger style would make the in-line six-cylinder engine look even more prominent”, explains Kenji.

The illusion of a dramatically low seat height and narrow motorcycle is enhanced by the use of a 23-inch front wheel and a 20-inch rear wheel.

Meticulously manufactured details made from aluminium like covers for the fuel tank, radiator and handlebars complete Kenji Nagai’s artificial craftsmanship.

In a spectacular way, this project continues the engagement and the ideas of the customising scene in the land of the rising sun.

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