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Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photo: Vyet Le.

Friday the 13th is a date darkened by sinister connotations. What car represents that menacing stigma better than this blacked out R34 GT-R? Apocalyptic on-road presence is the name of the game. Not hard with a giant rear wing, front splitter millimetres off the tarmac and a stable of mischievous mods under the bonnet. It’s the perfect candidate then, for our special Black Friday desktop wallpaper.

Vu’s R34 GT-R V-Spec lives in Springvale, Victoria. Vu is the owner of a body workshop called DT Panels which has definitely been advantageous for this build. The exterior of Vu’s GT-R has been fitted with a NUR Spec front bar, Nismo side skirts, Nismo rear pods and an APR Performance GT500 70” Carbon Fibre rear spoiler. Photographer, Vyet Le, captured this rolling shot exclusively for T-LD so be sure to get our special Friday the 13th high resolution background version by clicking this link.